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We must stop using taxes collected by labor, to profit huge private companies with federal spending bills.

Trump recently signed our new budget which included 1.5 trillion in “infrastructure” spending. Programs to keep our roads, bridges, etc in proper stability for our general use. This in itself is a great thing. It benefits all of our lives.

Where I hold issue to government spending, is private profits at the expense of the public. Infrastructure spending will come in the form of huge multi million dollar and in some case billion dollar contracts. The contracts will go out to big. Wealthy private construction companies will bid on these projects. The lowest bid wins.

Capitalist will point to the job creations and say, “success!”

No one will argue that job creation is good. Especially when creating well paying jobs like many in the construction field. To judge the merit of such creation we must look at all cost.

I myself, work “public works” contracts as an industrial electrician. When my company bids for these contracts, they leave between 10–20% profit. Most projects ranging from 10–30 million. It’s considered a medium sized construction company. That’s millions in profit per year at the expense of the tax payer.

Profit is what’s left over after paying the labor that actually built the project. Profit by the billions for simply telling labor to go to work. A Middle man. A Pimp.

Worse, if that company mismanages its money, going bankrupt prior to completing the project, the city and tax payers are shit out of luck. New companies are restructured, new projects are sent out to bid, the same Owners get rich.

Why pay the middle man? The jobs are already great paying jobs, won’t the workers show up regardless of who signs the checks? We could eliminate the middle man, double the workers income, and still save millions. Anyone looking at the issue with an honest eye, would have to conclude this. I live it daily.

There will be those who argue, saying the private sector is always more efficient than the government. With these projects, the companies work side by side with government management. There is no streamlining the process. Except of course, removing the middleman. Why should state engineers and inspectors have to explain themselves over and over to the middle man. Why not straight to the worker.

When it comes to a project. The state is already paying for all material and resources including permits. The only difference is instead of wholesale prices the contractors pay, the government is paying a marked up price. This is such a redundant system.

This is why the successful capitalist, and there’s few out there, will always argue for the “free market.” It allows them to not only profit on the backs of labor, but paid for by the taxes on that very labor. When labor must pay their own salary, is that freedom? When the pay more than they collect, through profits to these companies, its now SLAVERY.

So I applaud the government willing to invest 1.5 trillion into our infrastructure. Now, we must direct those funds into the peoples hands. Not the Elite. Not at the expense of labor. But in benefit of.

Always the Struggle.

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