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FBI Exposes White House Lies: The Empire Strikes Back

The FBI has been under attack from the Trump White House, its surrogates, and Fox News, in an ongoing attempt to discredit and/or end the Mueller investigation bearing down on the President. In the last year, Director James Comey was fired and several other officials have been fired, forced out, or resigned because of what they knew, or failure to pledge loyalty to the wannabe Emperor Trump.

In the last couple weeks, the FBI’s pleas to not disclose the Nunes memo which they indicated posed “grave concerns” was ignored by the White House. Then they were used as the excuse for why the Democratic response could not be released, because of “concerns from the FBI.”

More recently, when it came out that Staff Secretary Rob Porter had physically abused his two ex-wives and then a picture was released forcing his resignation. Sarah Huckabee Sanders the White House spokesperson, basically blamed the FBI for not wrapping up their investigation and providing timely information to the White House.

Today, in a Select Senate Committee discussing World Threats. Senators got to directly ask the leaders of the FBI, CIA, DNI, and NSA among others. FBI Director Chris Wray blew up Sanders version of what happened when. He indicated they provided a preliminary report in March (something that usually only happens when disturbing information is uncovered and usually leads to a dismissal) and then provided a final report in July 2017. After requests from the White House filed two follow-up reports and finally closed out the file administratively in January 2018. The White House has been referring to “new allegations” and suggesting they never saw the pictures that the FBI had for over a year.

Tired of being used as a scapegoat, lied about and mischaracterized by the White House and Republicans in Congress. Wray took the opportunity to strike back with this big fuck you to the White House. He could have not answered the question, preferring to discuss it in the afternoon closed session conducted in secret. Instead, he called out the White House, leaving them with a whole lot of explaining to do. The FBI has been taking blows steadily from the Trump administration, today they issued a beat down.

Originally published at enigmainblack.wordpress.com on February 13, 2018.

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