The Man With the Slippery Head

Once upon a time in a village not very far away, but far enough for a ‘once upon a time’ story, there lived a simple old man. Very little was known about this man who had lived in the neighborhood for more than 40 years, other than he had a slippery head.

It was just before school shut down for the winter break that little Timmy Johnson accidentally tossed his favorite snowball over the backyard fence of the old man. His friends wisely suggested to forget about the snowball and make a new one instead, but Timmy had worked on this particular snowball all afternoon. He went up the neatly shoveled stairs to the front door and rang the doorbell.

A man dressed in red flannel pajamas opened the door. He must have been about 90 years old, sporting hearing aids and a walker. The man invited Timmy inside where it was warm so that Timmy could explain his predicament.

As Timmy explained the situation, he couldn’t help notice how shiny the old man’s bald head looked. The way the light caught the skin reminded Timmy of a frozen pond, and because the local pond had yet to freeze for skating , Timmy was intrigued. Timmy left the old man’s house without finishing his story and completely forgetting about his snowball. He could not wait to tell his friends about the old man’s slippery head.

Timmy’s friends were excited to learn about their sudden change of luck. No longer were they upset at the thought of a winter break void of pond hockey, they were elated to be able to play indoors! News quickly spread around the neighborhood and kids were lined up on the driveway to go skating on the old man’s slippery head.

But upon first skating attempt Timmy’s skate sliced through the old man’s head killing him instantly and Timmy was arrested and charged with second degree murder. But the case never made it to trial because Timmy hung himself in his holding cell.

The End

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