Temple run

It is Tuesday

Strip 75 of #TheAdultManual

Temple run

The Seventy-Fifth strip Ladies and Gentleman. Can’t believe that I’ve made it so far without missing a single one. Self-pat on the back. Also thank you, everyone, for making it this far.

Moving on, Man finds the big guy on the wrong side of the altar. But then why wouldn’t he, we all need someone to blame.

The thing is apart from the rational debunking of the whole thing, there is a certain fear that has crept up amongst the intelligentsia a fear of believing, or even admitting that we’re not sure why there couldn’t be something higher up the food chain. To that, I say why not live with that doubt as counterproductive as it may be. Rather that, than believing there is nothing out of sheer peer pressure.

There is no shame in knowing we don’t know and admitting it as such.

See you guys on Friday.

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