You can't tell me God isn't real.

I went to Enugu recently to interview my friend and the most sought after hair care specialists in her town, @olivetreehairclinic and the one behind my amazing hair.

Because of who I am as a person, I didn't book my ticket to my mum's village early enough from ABC. When i got there, my two fave sit positions (2 & 15 cause you know how it be for us tall people)were taken.

I had to settle for number 14 and the hope of begging to switch with who was in 15.

Fast forward to this morning, @Haroldslandscape drops me off at the park.

I get to my bus and tell the attendant I want to switch with 15. He tells me that is none his business but shows me who 15 is.

I'm a bit disappointed because she didn't look like someone I could plead with.

She enters the bus and sits down. I say what the heck and ask her if we could switch.

She looked at me so smugly and said she chose 15 because of her legs and I was very annoyed but she doesn't owe me anything so I resigned myself to a leg numbing journey.

As I am about to enter, driver calls me and tells me to sit in seat 2 since the owner wasn't around and I was dropping off along the way.

Can you spell dance of joy and excitement?💃

In your face 15 😋😋 I took my place in the front seat, buckled my seatbelt and immediately a tall, big guy enters.

I immediately knew he was the original owner of seat 2.

Can you spell tears? 😣😣

I almost got away with it.

So they ask him for his ticket and they see seat 2. The attendant asked me for mine, I said 14.

But this young man, God bless his soul, said he didn't care where he sat, as long as he just enters the bus. So he sits in my position.

My friend told me it's pretty girl privileges and I told him God is still the one who made me pretty.

We always expect God to perform huge miracles in our lives to prove His existence but it's in the little things.

I was saved from a painful ass bus ride and I just want to thank God for that. My fellow tall people can testify.

Shout out to that young man who gave up his seat for me. I hope you see this post cause I'm very grateful. You will always be in my prayers.

Have a blessed 2018.

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