Top Five Sources of Satire News That Aren’t The Onion

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I love The Onion, you love The Onion, it does seem that everyone does in fact love The Onion. As far as real world impact, fooling public figures, and stirring up controversy, The Onion is undoubtedly the gold standard in terms of satire news.

It would be horrendously lazy to spend an entire entry in a list post about satire lavishing praise on what is already easily one of the most popular sources of satirical news in America, akin to a “free space” on a bingo board.

So, instead of doing that, here are five lesser known but equally witty sources of satire news you should start reading.

5. The Borowitz Report

Not one for mincing words, Andy Borowitz writes biting satire for The New Yorker playing on current events.

When Alabama flirted with electing a man accused of sexually assaulting minors to the senate, Borowitz ran this:

And when, Paul Manafort was arrested Borowitz reminded us that sometimes satire isn’t so far from the truth:

And finally, he sprinkles in a regular round of mocking President Trump’s erm… eccentricities:

4. The Hard Times

What The Onion does for politics, The Hard Times sets out to do for the punk music scene. While its content is aimed at a very niche audience, much of its charm is not lost in translation.

For example, anyone who’s ever went to see live music knows there’s always that guy:

And most millennials at a family reunion will inevitably have their younger family members share updates:

And many of us are guilty of leaving our event wristbands on just a little too long just to make sure people know how cool we are:

3. PatriotHole

In the era of “FAKE NEWS!” PatriotHole is here to spread the real truth that the LAMESTREAM MEDIA doesn’t want you to know.

An offshoot of the number one entry on this list, ClickHole, PatriotHole skewers the logic (or lack thereof) of alt-right news outlets like Breitbart and InfoWars.

They take shots at all the times the alt-right has claimed there is some grand master-strategy behind their blunders:

PatriotHole also makes a point to mock their tactic of false-equivalencies:

And it wouldn’t be complete without the standard alt-right practice of what-aboutism:

2. Hard Drive

An off-shoot of the fourth entry on this list, The Hard Times, Hard Drive’s satire is zeroed on the gaming industry and all things tech related.

It’s also a bit more on the niche side, but still accessible. For example, we all get THAT OFFER from our dads:

HardDrive also tackles weighty current events while sticking to its theme:

And tackles a lot of tech-related current events too:

1. ClickHole

Finally, at number one is my personal favorite source of online satirical content at the moment: ClickHole. The holy grail of absurdist millennial humor, ClickHole sets aim at BuzzFeed and other click-bait websites.

ClickHole is publishes some very relatable content:

ClickHole is also known for its classic ClickVentures which are absurd choose-your-own-adventure games:

And finally, ClickHole’s parody of BuzzFeed wouldn’t be complete without ridiculous quizzes:

So, now that you’re familiar with all these options for satire, get out there and consume!

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