Oprah for President? What Her Supporters and Media Allies Don’t Want You to Know

Well, that was a short primary — or an even shorter candidacy if British singer Seal has his way.

After Oprah Winfrey’s ‘Rousing Golden Globes Speech,’ as CNN so gushingly described it (you could almost hear CNN’s newsroom gleefully clapping and squealing with delight), it looked like progressive liberals — and their legions of media allies — had anointed talk-show icon Oprah Winfrey as the Democrat Party’s nominee for president in 2020.

Bernie Sanders might as well throw in the towel because it looks like the fix is in — again.

Then came Seal’s Instagram posting on Jan. 10, saying that Winfrey had known about Weinstein’s predatory conduct for decades.

British singer Seal

“Oh, I forgot, that’s right … you’d heard the rumours but you had no idea he was actually serially assaulting young starry-eyed actresses who in turn had no idea what they were getting into. My bad.”

— Seal said on a Jan. 10 Instagram post, which included a meme of Winfrey and Weinstein that says, “When you have been part of the problem for decades, but suddenly they all think you are the solution.” the meme says, over photos of the two at events, one with Winfrey kissing Weinstein’s cheek. He concluded with the hashtag “#SanctimoniousHollywood,” according to the report at

Beyond smug and sanctimonious Hollywood, a run for president by Winfrey also would effectively end just about any hope that America — at least anytime soon — could move beyond the Left’s continuing work to divide us along racial lines.

Just ask the BBC interviewer who heard the new queen of identity politics decree in 2013 that “generations of people, older people who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.”

I’m old and white and definitely NOT racist. God willing, I hope to be around for a while, so sorry to disappoint you, Oprah.

Please forgive Oprah for her bitter racism in lumping together all older white Americans into her miserable collection of prejudices.

You also could ask the poor clerk of a small store in Switzerland whose life was nearly destroyed because Oprah overreacted to a perceived slight by making a false accusation of racism.

Later, in her apology, Oprah tried to blame the media for causing the incident to be ‘blown up’ when it was the billionaire media mogul who publicized the incident in the first place.

And now comes Oprah’s ‘brave’ defense of women at the Jan. 7 Golden Globe Awards.

Oh, how very presidential, right?

Then again, where were Oprah and her feminist celebrity pals when women were being raped and sexually abused by Hollywood’s decades-long casting couch system?

And where were Winfrey and these other Hollywood protectors of women’s rights when Bill Clinton was assaulting or harassing women and Hillary Clinton was trying everything she could to destroy each of those accuser’s lives?

Oh, that’s right, they were sending millions of dollars to campaigns by Bill and, last year, to Hillary’s ill-fated run and standing on the same stage with them and promoting Bonnie and Clyde every chance they could.

Seal ( whose real name is Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel) certainly thinks Winfrey and the rest of the FOHs (friends of Harvey) knew about not only his behavior but that of so many celebrities on the Left Coast.

Others agree, including — some in the comment section in the Variety story about Seal:

“Seal is right. It’s about accountability. How many in that room, the night of the awards show, knew about Mr. Weinstein’s behaviour. I suspect quite a few. Hollywood needs to hold a mirror up to it’s self. They are truly hypocrites, and it saddens me to include Opra in that group. Those at the top hold such power. No one wants to call out the predator amoung them, and yet they get up on stage with all their bravado, saying a new day is here. How phoney they have become; even those in the audience, standing, and clapping with tears in there eyes….really. Is Hollywood saying that Clooney, Oprah, Damin, Jolie, and the rest of the heavy hitters, didn’t know a thing about Harvey. Shame on you Oprah, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and the rest of you heavy hitters that swept it under the rug. So sad, but I’m sure you will live with it with no problem at all.”

— Variety Reader Barbara Yamka in a Jan. 12 comment.

By the way, where on this very serious issue was the Hollywood Foreign Press Association? These so-called ‘journalists’ sponsor the Golden Globes where Oprah so bravely stood up for women and the rest of us common folk.

Uh, News Flash: It was the New Yorker and others who broke the story about rape and sexual harassment as a way of life in Hollywood. It was NOT the foreign press who generally just write glorified press releases for the ‘artistic’ elites.

And, it’s important to point out, exactly who has been in control of Hollywood all of these years?

Conservatives? Yeah, right.

So, despite the adoration from the Hollywood celebrities and their Twitter sycophants, this is one old white guy who doesn’t think Oprah would be such a good candidate for president.

So much for Oprah’s image as a unifier.

Mike Kersmarki is an author in Tampa, Fla. He currently is writing a domestic policy book: “Worker’s Party: How to Help ALL Americans Achieve Their Full Economic Potential.”

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