Muslims are Pandas

And my generation are rich, spoilt brats.

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Well maybe we aren’t ALL spoilt brats, but our culture has become dominated by a perspective of reality only possible if you have grown up without a care in the world and practically no rules.

This has led us to treat ‘protected’ minority groups as if they are an endangered species like Panda’s.

We live in an amazing time in human history and development.

Never before has their been such freedom, wealth and peace in the world. For most of human history, life has been barely bearable: it was full of fear, disease, danger, war, and poverty.

This is in stark contrast to me and my latte sipping, peace loving, privileged peers.

Luckily, instead of having to fight for survival, we fight in YouTube comment sections.

We live in a different reality from previous generation and it has made us naive. We assume that if we show love to everyone, they will love us and we will live in peace.

We have been taught that love is the only way and acceptance of difference brings peace.

We grew up with absolute freedom and believed that noone was able to judge anyone elses life and we are free to do as we want.

We grew up naive and unable to recognise the danger in accepting all systems of belief as equally good and accepting all people for who they are.

In principle, acceptance is a nice fluffy and feel-good idea, but not when you have to have divorce yourself from reality or your moral compass to accept a group.

This is why Muslims are treated like Panda’s.

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Panda’s are a protected species because they are only few, just like Muslims in Western nations.

The Social justice Warriors will defend the Panda’s purely out of their good nature. They see people being discriminated against and unable to defend themselves and they run to help.

This is not a bad thing in essence, apart from the fact that it prevents Muslims from representing themselves and it’s really condescending to think that Muslims need ‘protecting’, but the result is that liberals disregard their moral compass in favour of being loving.

This means they end up defending beliefs which are anti-women, anti-gay, anti-democracy and anti-liberty and claim that any criticism of this protected species is bigoted, racist or Islamophobic.

This is why you probably won’t see many feminists protesting against Shari’a law or against the wearing of the Burqa or even against Saudi Arabia stoning women for adultery or gay guys being killed in Iran.

Why can’t we criticise the Panda’s?

If Panda’s were greater in number, they would be annoying and we would probably start complaining about them. Just like Muslims, they are still a minority however, so they are defended, no matter how immoral the Panda’s (I mean Muslims) beliefs are.

I’m not saying we should deport all Muslims either, or that openly discriminating against any group is okay. It’s not!

I’m also not saying that Muslims are bad people or that Islam at its core is evil.

Criticism of Islam or of any religion, belief system or ideology should be allowed, without us being labelled bigots or racists or Islamophobes.

We are fine with criticising beliefs or ideologies of the majority, such as Christianity or Judaism or criticising Conservatives and Liberals. But criticising minorities is apparently unacceptable.

If I want to say that there are only 2 genders and Transgendered people suffer from a mental disorder that needs to be treated rather than us simply going along with their delusion, you can’t treat them as a protected species either.

If I want to say that the desire of a majority of Muslims to have a Caliphate in the future which would legalise the killing of apostates, and allow for the stoning of adulterers, is sickening and a threat to peace and modern civilisation, then you should do some research. Don’t just get angry.

If someone openly says they will not serve or hire a Muslim, or a gay person or a transgendered person, purely because of their identity, that’s a problem. And we should defend any individual who is openly discriminated against.

However, we can’t just defend all minority groups from criticism or facts. That’s irresponsible and it proves you are a naive and morally weak spoilt brat.

We need to discuss things based on facts and evidence. Just feeling offended is not enough.

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