Left May Think All Countries Are Same But Rebuff Offers to Visit Haiti, Nigeria, etc.

If Sen. Durbin and other Trump haters want to help immigrants, why are they trying so hard to derail DACA?

You know, the Left really doesn’t have a sense of humor once they get on their smug and sanctimonious high horses and accuse someone of racism.

That certainly has been the case on social media after President Trump inelegantly but correctly asserted that not all countries are the same.

In fact, America really does have the right to stop welcoming millions of illegal immigrants from impoverished countries who have few job skills and resources.

When the indignant and chronically offended little ‘resister’ darlings proudly beat their chests that Trump’s crude references to some nations was racist, it was just another exercise so they could persuade themselves of their moral superiority.

The Left does that a lot. It’s about their only fallback position to try and exploit identity politics when they don’t have any real solutions of their own. It’s an approach that’s getting kind of old, though it still can be amusing if you use the right response.

For instance, when the snowflakes started melting down over Trump’s ‘shithole’ countries remark, I merely responded on social media by sending out a link for cheap flights to Port-au-Prince in that beautiful worker’s paradise of Haiti.

Feel free to substitute any number of countries on the Social Progress Index list of Countries with the Worst Quality of Life in the World or the more than 100 countries NOT making the Top 50 in a Quality of Life Index.

Some ‘progressives’ did not appreciate this gesture — though they seemed incapable of any coherent responses.

I merely thought that since they didn’t think that such places as ‘shithole’ counties existed, that they were therefore interested in taking a long, extended visit to hang out for a while in Haiti, Nigeria, etc.

Oh, well, my bad.

The optimistic side of me hopes that at least some on the Left can at least recognize the inconvenient truth that not all countries are the same but aren’t willing to say it out loud.

I guess they don’t want to become victims of the same shaming and intimidation tactics they so often use in their increasingly impotent strategy of identity politics to squelch free speech and different points of view.

Wouldn’t it be nice, for once, if progressives would at least give the appearance of trying to examine the USA’s immigration dilemma through the prism of millions of Americans who have been hurt by these problems for generations?

Millions of our fellow citizens continue to suffer from low wages for low-skilled jobs, in part, because of a surplus labor pool exacerbated by illegal immigrants.

It’s also been more difficult for them to improve their lives because limited resources for schools, job training, healthcare, social welfare, community infrastructure, have been siphoned away for decades by millions of illegal immigrants who have fled their poor, crime-ridden and often corrupt countries seeking a better life.

None of us can blame them for trying to escape a bad situation and create a better life for their children.

But there comes a point — especially as technology continues to decimate the number of low-skilled jobs in the USA — that more careful consideration MUST be given to choosing which immigrants can live here.

Hey, how about giving our fellow Americans a break for once?

Certainly, a case could be made that their numbers should be limited to those who have the skills and resources to take care of themselves instead of draining our finite ability to take care of our own citizens.

You can disagree with that point of view, of course. But it’s not serious to come to the table and just propose more of the same as Sens. Durbin, Graham and others just did — especially after the President made clear earlier this month — and so many other times before — exactly what he was willing to sign into law.

It’s almost as if the Durbin gang purposely wanted to get under Trump’s skin — to prod the gorilla in the cage to see what happened — instead of privately negotiating in good faith. So much for trust between Trump and Durbin and his merry band of anti-Trump Republicans.

Yes, Trump was, shall we say, inelegant. The chronically offended Left says racist; I say vulgar and crude. Only those who were at the meeting know exactly what was said and not everyone agrees with Durbin.

No matter, since perception manufactured by the media so often becomes reality. Trump certainly has paid the political price. The President likely will continue to experience indignant political posturing as part of the Democrats’ familiar but tired strategy of identity politics when they have no real answers of their own.

Some of the resisters out there may not like it, but I’ll bet that tens of millions of Americans who subscribe to the school of politics practiced by TV’s Roseanne understood exactly what Trump was saying.

There’s just got to be some better way to solve this than the hysterical reaction by the Left and their media allies.

I will admit that the smug, self-righteous school of identity politics can be an effective strategy, though VERY cynical and disingenuous and, ultimately, dangerous.

And it may even work for the Harvey Weinstein/Oprah Winfrey crowd to regain the House this November.

But Dick Durbin, Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama and other members of the Chicago School of Perpetually Indignant Identity Politics aren’t going to solve this nation’s problems.

They’re just going to divide us more. Perhaps sooner than any of us think, we’ll become so Balkanized into separate tribes that there won’t even be a country left to fight over anymore.

We may even make Port-au-Prince look good.

Mike Kersmarki is an author in Tampa, Fla. He currently is writing a domestic policy book: “Worker’s Party: How to Help ALL Americans Achieve Their Full Economic Potential.”

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