Don’t know what to write

Allow me to write anything I want to because I of course have no clue on how to begin writing. As ridiculous this read may turn out to be, I think I should allow myself to cross the bridge of embarassment. And who knows maybe just that’s why I haven’t gotten myself to write anything till now, despite of all the procrastination of doing so.

It’s a Sunday today and I quit my job recently. I’ve spent 6 days of chilling non-stop and after every hour of chilling I’ve felt bumps of guilt that went like, “why exactly am I chilling? I don’t know? Maybe because they say one must.”

Have you ever been on a pendulum drive when your friend invites you to spend a week in Goa and your heart says “oh definitely! one must go to goa because all that crap around yolo, travelling and giving yourself some timev/s WWE champion “wtfishh! you’re not suppose to be wasting time like this, you think this is a joke? you’ve already spent 5 days of chilling and you’re closing the meal with a GOA!?” (read ‘closing the meal with a GOA!’ like Rachel Green saying “You felt asleep?!” to Ross not reading her letter. The link’s here: http://bit.ly/2mtRWc7 , catch it at 1:17)

But you know what they say about gut feeling and I basically didn’t end up going because “you felt asleep!?”, I of course meant, “you’re closing the meal with a GOA!?”

But here’s what, from the 6 days of chilling there was this one day I sat my butt at Starbucks spending some quality time with my laptop because what better way of feeling productive than making love to your laptop. After a nice one hour activity of assessing my current skills and possible skills I’d want to learn this year, I headed out the cafe entering the mall. This is where it gets funny. I’ve been ranting about how I am going to be living on a school budget for January and for someone who hardly shops I was surrounded with the word SALE north, south, east and west. You know very well what happened next. Westide got stamped. I ended up shopping for 8k and talk about “what happened to school budget?!”…it took a bus to school!

Peace out, can’t do this anymore.

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