what keeps circling through

a snapshot before the self I am in this moment disappears for a more sensible one

There is this girl

This girl makes me feel like starlight

I know she isn’t the stars

But she makes me feel so close to them

This girl makes me feel like sunlight

I read somewhere that you should find the people that feel like sunlight

But somehow she feels like so much warmer

This girl makes me feel more healer than victim

For I am an accident-prone, loud, overthinking girl

But when I think about her, I’m holding her like the most fragile thing in the world

This girl makes me feel unhinged

And it’s scary because before I knew her

I dreamed of a love where no one else in the world existed

Now I see her and I want to train myself to be okay with existing in this world with her

And that’s strange

Because that means she makes me want to heal myself

I’ve never seen that before

This girl makes me second guess

All I can do now is change my definition of love

Because with her all of my words have turned meaningless

Is that love?

This girl makes me feel like I mean so much

But goddamn she has no fucking clue how much she means to me

Maybe all of the words I keep saying to try to explain it will never be enough

Maybe words don’t hold up next to love

Maybe my words don’t hold up next to love because I haven’t met her yet

Maybe I just did

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