When You See Something, Say Something

It’s a little after 6a in the morning and I have a full plate ahead of me today but before I can get fully motivated to get going I felt I needed to issue this call to action/call to arms.

In a post 9/11 world we have coined the term when you see something say something. Last night I saw something. I saw the leader of our country blatantly and without any factual equivocation espouse a openly racist policy targeted towards poor black and hispanic nations. This is stunning and as a society we have to do something about it.

So let’s be clear for a moment. He didn’t say New Guinea; He didn’t say Bhutan; He didn’t say Uzbekistan; He didn’t say Bulgaria; He didn’t say Belarus which are all relatively similar nations except for the general ethnic make up of the inhabitants. He also hasnt yet apologized for making the statements this morning so it’s clear he is owning his words. He meant what he said and in this case it should be crystal clear that what he said was wrong.

I’m not going to debate this one with anyone. I’m not going to debate immigration policies or security or any of the red herrings thrown up to deflect from the crux of this topic. Nope not today rather I am going to make a few tweaks to my universe to start to fix the problem.

If you support this man and believe in what he is saying great. You have that right here in America. But please respect my right to say I choose to not engage, support or otherwise enable you in anyway. If you are in the apathetic chorus that says well we got great tax policy and a good stock market, I agree and concur that I too am making money from the policies currently being led by this man, but I am going to balance that by making solid donations to Get Out the Vote drives in the coming year. I am so annoyed by my friends and family who did not vote in the last election cycle. If you want to continue to be my friend or family you will get out and vote in the next election cycle. Regardless of whether you are conservative, a religious fundamentalist or libertarian you/we cannot allow this strain of nationalism derail our country. If we do the republic will be done for two to three generations from now. This is not the legacy we can leave for others to clean up like our national debt or social entitlement system. This one we have to clean up NOW.

I see something. It’s called HATE. I’m saying something. Stop the MADNESS Now I’m doing something. I intend to do even more. Get right or please just get away.

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