The “Normay” statement was potentially worse than you think

On January 9th the White House issued a press release detailing that Prime Minister Erma Solberg of “Normay” would be greeted by Trump.

This speech given by Trump at the ensuing press conference also referenced an entirely fictional fighter jet only found in a Call of Duty game — the F-52.

Given that we’ve seen numerous other errors and mistakes in statements and releases from the White House throughout this disastrous presidency, it was seemingly dismissed by many as just another ridiculous example of how incompetent the Trump administration is.

Unfortunately, I believe this to be far more sinister than many seem to realize.

Take a look at your keyboard and note the distance between the W and the M. Then consider that spellcheck would have also picked this up prior to release. Other errors in previous written publications from this White House (such as using “Peach” instead of “Peace”) are explainable; neither of these words would show as a grammatical error in a cursory check.

The probability that “Normay” would make it into a release by mistake is so low as to be ridiculous. So, we then have to wonder why it’s there at all.

Stay with me here, the uninitiated may start to feel glossy-eyed.

In case you missed it, there are places on the Internet where maladjusted males meet under the banner of the “alt-right”. They are commonly recognized through their use of the “Pepe” and “KEK” memes. You can find them on sites such as 4Chan, Reddit or Gab. You’ll also find them infesting Twitter, often joining the Russian troll farm accounts in attacking individuals such as Mika Brzezinski, Rose McGowan or (of course) Chelsea or Hillary Clinton.

Their methods range from hurling insults or sharing false stories to “fratting” (coordinating an attack on a social media account to fool automatic systems into restricting that account) or even doxxing (looking for and publishing private information to allow others to directly harass, threaten or abuse their victims offline).

Those in this subculture refer to those outside of it as “Normals” or “Normies”.

I could start talking about “Beta” here, but that’s for another day.

A “Normie” is basically anyone who doesn’t engage in their childish antics. If you have a well-paying job you’re a Normie. If you attend college you’re a Normie. If you pay attention to the news (other than Breitbart or Fox, of course) you’re a Normie. If you don’t cheer lead for Trump, you’re a Normie.

You get the idea. Being maladjusted and stunted in intellectual growth or ambition is okay, while being successful, aiming for something, doing things that normal, well-adjusted people do makes you a “Normie”.

The likely entirely intentional use of the word “Normay” in that release was actually quite clever.

While potentially intended as a signal to those in these far-right groups that they are in charge of at least some of the information going to and coming from the President of the United States, most respectable broadcasters or commentators would entirely miss its meaning and intent. Unless you’ve encountered this subculture before or studied any of its bizarre psychology it’s not necessarily something you’d even consider.

To most, this would all seem incredibly pathetic and petty, but for those who engage in these activities it’s what they live for. Remember, these are maladjusted young (predominantly) men who wasted most of their most important years wanking over over computer games, then blame everyone else because they can’t function like a normal man their age — pathetic and petty is what they do.

When taken with the entirely ridiculous claim that F-52 Fighter jets were to be delivered to “Normay”, a fictional aircraft only seen in “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” it’s only made more clear.

I’m not suggesting Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the one responsible for this (although, to be honest, nothing from this administration would surprise me) but it’s likely that someone in her office, or a shared pool of admin staff, is sending signals to their cult brethren outside of the White House, showing that they at least have some form of access or power within the highest office of the United States.

This should concern everyone, not least of all because Chief of Staff John F. Kelly is seemingly unaware of what’s going on. Has he overlooked one of the most powerful positions and failed to do his job of controlling communications to and from the White House? It doesn’t matter what policy is when you have someone writing false statements to be given to the press, or compiling false reports to be handed to senior White House officials, which they then read out, in front of visiting dignitaries and the entire world.

It should be noted that the subject of entirely false information finding its way onto Trump’s desk has been raised several times before.

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with Russian aggression against Western nations, we now have to face the increasing likelihood that there are severely maladjusted individuals within the White House (other than those we already know about) who are using their position and their access to feed false information to administration officials for their own gain, or manipulate information being released from the administration to influence global politics.

In honesty, this shouldn’t be too surprising. Early in this administration we saw far-right figures giving white supremacist hand signals in videos and photos from the Press Briefing Room, including Stephen Miller — perhaps the most maladjusted male to have ever entered the building.

I know, some of you probably think this is all a bit of a stretch, but take another look at all the information we have:

Many staffers left the White House and needed to be replaced.

Individuals (including Miller) were seen giving white supremacist hand signals from the Press Briefing Room.

Individuals from far-right, conspiracy theory media were given access to the White House on an equal footing to trusted media.

Several leaks have occurred suggesting that there has been an internal battle to prevent entirely false information from arriving on Trump’s desk.

There have been several instances of Trump and others in the White House defending white supremacists and extremists.

And now, we have an F-52 from a computer game being openly spoken about by the President himself as if it’s real, and in connection to the use of “Normay” in a press release.

It’s likely that this wasn’t just a grammatical error, this was probably a signal entirely missed by the mainstream media, intended to show the alt-right trolls and Pepe fanboys that one of their own is embedded in this mess of an administration.

Now ask yourself whether it’s likely this person is also responsible for typing up information intended for the desks of senior staff and perhaps even the president himself, and wonder just how an entirely fictional fighter jet managed to get from the screen of a computer game to a statement read out publicly by Trump, to the world.

If there’s any positive to be found here, it’s that this effort doesn’t seem to have been noticed by the alt-right in any meaningful way. But, this doesn’t make this situation any less dangerous.

You now have to wonder what the increasingly invisible Chief of Staff John F. Kelly is doing in allowing this to continue right under his nose, and what else might have been communicated to or from this White House through this individual.

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