I don’t know what it’s going to take for some people in this country to finally admit that Donald Trump is a racist. His latest comments should dispel all doubts, but you know there’s a large chunk of the population who wouldn’t admit he’s a racist if he were burning crosses on the South Lawn.

This man is leading a charge that I believe betrays one of our most deeply held values, which is: if you think your country is a shithole, then come here, start anew in America, the land of opportunity, and the self-billed “Greatest Country in the World”.

And if you look through the history of America, you’ll see this pattern playing out over and over again, like the rings in a tree trunk, each one growing the country into something bigger and stronger than it was before. This country was built by waves of people who left their homelands, their friends, their families, their way of life, to start over in a foreign land from the bottom rung of the ladder. Such a substantial act takes a staggering amount of bravery and sacrifice, which is often sadly overlooked by those who view America as theirs and theirs alone.

They overlook the sacrifice of the immigrants who come here simply because they do not view sacrifice as something of value. Selfishness and self-preservation has replaced sacrifice and compassion in their hearts.These are men and women who have sealed off their ability to care about their fellow man, or at least redefined ‘fellow man’ as a term that only applies to the people who look and act just like them. Nativists, nationalists and racists who cloak themselves in a perverted kind of ‘patriotism’ to convince themselves that they are the ‘true Americans’ who own this country by birthright, believing all others to be living here as guests, subject to being expelled for any slight, no matter how small.

For them, America is a country club, and the more exclusionary it becomes, the more special they feel for being a part of it. It only makes sense, then that they would elect a Country Club President who spews the same crass, narrow-minded, selfish rhetoric they themselves indulge in. Ironically, as they fight more and more to turn the country into a giant gated community, they will be transforming it into the very thing they hate the most: a shithole.

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