President Shithole Strikes Again

So, actually, my first American ancestor wasn’t from one of those countries 45 shat on yesterday.

He was a British indentured servant. Listed on a ships log, he was. Got here in 1698 and went on to do pretty well for himself down South, apparently.

The Chicago Sun Times made me do some digging during the first Roots craze. Later, my DNA backed it up pretty much. We’re a little bit of everything. Way more European than I expected, though.

I wonder what 45 would make of that? Not much, probably. Given that old “one drop” rule and all…

Actually, I don’t care. I’ve known Trump was a racist for decades, so nothing he says really shocks me. I’m just sooooo sorry that we have a president who says things like this out loud, debasing the office day after day after day.

What hurt me most yesterday was how his party responded. Or didn’t respond. And how their foot soldiers defended him with some of the most ignorant prattle I’ve ever heard.

One monster on CNN said the “shithole” thing was kitchen table talk. And that “truer words were never spoken,” and that Trump isn’t the president of Haiti or Nigeria, he’s the president of the United States and must “protect and defend” the American people at all times.

If that’s kitchen table talk in America today, we’re in worse shape than I thought. And, let’s be really honest. A president who says things like that is doing more damage to America than the people he’s disparaging ever could.

I can just see people all over the world shaking their heads as they read their morning newspapers. They’re probably kind of used to it, too, by now, but you have to admit that this is a new low. And confirms what many of them have been thinking since 45 took office:

We’re becoming a “shithole” country. Where the president is a lunatic who might say or do damned near anything and a whole lot of citizens think that’s just fine.

So I don’t think he has to worry about immigration so much. A whole lot of people who were thinking of coming here, especially the nice white Norwegians he’d like to have, will be rethinking those plans. And maybe heading for anyplace but here.

And yet, as I have said several times before, but never using the kind of imagery I’m about to use today, America is now rather like the little kid in Slumdog Millionaire, who crawled through all that outhouse filth to achieve a lifelong dream.

Let’s…elevate that a bit, shall we?

In his unsuccessful quest to prove the existence of God through logic, Irish mathematician George Boole, also sometimes called the father of our digital age, came to one rather interesting conclusion: that God uses evil to get us to do good.

Well, 45 is about as evil as they come. So let’s start digging down to that “good” part, people. The elections are comin’.

Shovels up!

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