Our Shithole President

The President of the United States is a dangerously unstable racist and his main legacy could very well be nuclear war. It pains me to write that sentence, just as it pains me every day to wake up to an America that tolerates Nazis and Confederate Holidays and Monuments (today is Lee and Jackson day in Virginia). It pains me that I can’t relax in the car or on the couch and that the news cycle dominates my life in a very negative and destructive way. It pains me that this administration and the GOP controlled Congress is willing to bankrupt my children’s generation before they can even leave grade school, saddling them with debt they can’t understand and will derive no benefit from. It pains me to hear NPR or CNN using words like ‘pussy’ and ‘shithole’ and even ‘some of them (Nazis in Charlottesville) are nice people’.

But what really pains me today is the idea that this man might cause pain to my children. Not just the existential threat, not the tax burdens they will shoulder for the richest Americans, not just the threat that people they know may be deported or banned from the country, but specifically that they are less than American, less than welcome, less than other immigrants or natural born citizens. It hurts to explain to children that what the Constitution promised over 200 years ago is still a work in progress with a very spotty record at best. This my son Rowan in the photo, who is the love of my life and coolest little dude I have ever met. He is smart, determined, happy, talented and just plain cool. He is 100 times smarter and more talented than I ever was and WAY more present and aware as a 9 year old than I was at that age. Make no mistake about how adoption works: he has improved my life far more than I have improved his life-he has given me more as a parent and adult than I can ever hope to give him back.

Donald Trump is a racist demagogue who has no business in the White House. I have spent the last year opposing his every move in public and Congress. Today he is attacking in a direct and personal way my 9 year old boy. I will not stand for this and I am confident that most of America will not stand for this. Call the White House comment line with me (202) 456–1111 and demand that he RESIGN. At the same time, call or write or email your Congressional delegation as well as major leaders in the party, particularly the GOP and demand that they IMPEACH or implement the 25th Amendment. Call or write Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Steve Scalise. Every day in the White House Tr*mp poses a threat to world peace and civil order. Please call or write today.

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