Global Tendencies and You

Global Tendencies and You

I find the recent developments in the world, on a global scale, very interesting. The spotlight is on politics and governance again. And all kinds of reactions have been triggered in the hearts of people based on some people’s perspective of what is happening. My passion is people, and even of one person reads this, it’s worth it for me in every way. So, my information here pertains to you, the individual, not a body of people or the government.

When someone talks to you before you accept what they say, ask yourself ‘who is this person and what does he (or she) want?’. Initially the purpose of the news media is to bring to the people information from the top decision makers of the world. But with the advent and rise of the internet and social media, their role gradually changed from that of providing information to analyzing information. There is just one problem with analyzing information; anybody can do it. It doesn’t require any special techniques because there is no regulation or body of knowledge that shapes it. What am I trying to say? There is no more professional in “journalism”. Every one of them is now an analyst and analysts have opinions. Journalism has evolved into a form of activism. And now they use their coverage to exact their influence over the world. I don’t believe it’s a crime to say what you like but if you enforce your opinions in your expression of what is happening, you’re doing the world a disservice.

Protests can change the laws of a country but it cannot change the hearts of men. And I hope you know that activism produce protests. And protests produce civil unrest. And one moment of foolishness can birth a war from the unrest. I remember a placard I saw one time about people protesting against rape. It says, ‘don’t tell us how to dress, tell them not to rape’. Hahaha, very funny! Tell who? And who should do the telling? Refuse foolishness in your life. Your own life is in your hands. What I’m trying to say here is, the argument can sound so right and the reality is very foolish. Live wisely.

These are crucial times in the history of various countries in the world. An end has not come to globalization, instead the concept now has a new forward. And I think the new forward is much more exciting. It’s an era of responsibility and to be honest, it’s about time. When change comes, you don’t stand up to fight it instead you look to take advantage of it. The problem with a lot of investors who seem cornered by the new forward is that they’ve been gambling. As for you, never be bothered that things are not going your way. Life doesn’t work by the figure-everything-out model, rather it works by the one-step-at-a-time model. If you are truly relevant today and you stay informed and adaptable, you’ll always be relevant.

In closing, change is bound to happen. There can’t be progress without change. If you don’t move, nothing will move in your life. Your life is not in the hands of any government. I get surprised at how people look up to the government to play the role of God in their lives. If you have a problem, no government will solve your problem because governments are not made to solve problems. Governments organize society; that’s their job. They can be compassionate in one or two things, but they are not meant to be a compassion-giver or care-giver. People are supposed to solve other people’s problems. Not government trying to do something to help some people. Make up your mind to be part of the helpers, not among those needing help.

Wisdom is not often in high sounding ideas and loud arguments, rather it’s more often in simple communication. This is just to add value to the life of someone and I hope it does.

Peace with prosperity be with you

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