German renewable energy crisis: “We can’t afford this insanity for much longer”

Angela Merkel is at risk of getting brought down by a renewable energy crisis of her own design.

Recently released figures detailing the state of the Germen energy sector over the past year have revealed an unsurprising truth about Angela Merkel’s ‘Energiewende’ renewables policy — it’s an unworkable mess.

TenneT TSO, a transmission network operator in Germany doing a similar job to National Grid here in the UK, reported a huge 40% rise in costs related to renewable energy issues in 2017.

These costs, adding up to almost €1 BILLION, came from having to make emergency interventions to stabilise the German national electricity grid whenever wind and solar installations demonstrated some of their trademark intermittency.

Interventions like these involved calling on coal, gas and nuclear plants to begin generating power when renewables failed to meet demand. TenneT is also forced to pay wind generators to shut down when they produce too much power under guaranteed payment regulations.

“We can’t afford this insanity for much longer,” warned Bernd Westphal, the economics spokesperson of the SPD German political party.

But the Green Lobby in Germany is deaf to the criticism. On Greenpeace’s German website, their views are still clear.

ENERGIEWENDE NOW!” It reads, “Germany can supply itself almost completely from renewable energies by 2050. But the energy turnaround can only be achieved if it is enforced by politics.”

And with the strength of the Green Party in Germany growing, and Merkel in a precarious political position, the Green Lobby’s influence will only continue to strengthen.

Germany should serve as 50ft-tall red, black and yellow warning sign to sensible-thinking Brits. Following in Merkel’s footsteps will only lead to more strain on the wallets of taxpayers and consumers, while the Green Lobby laughs all the way to the bank.

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