10 Things to do in a Shithole African Country

Nairobi Fashion Week 2017. Just another day in a shithole African country.

Well, I didn’t start it, but here we are. I woke up this morning to find out that the president of the United States, who everyone by now knows is a unapologetic racist, called African countries shitholes. My interest lies not in sharing information with someone like him who represents the worst of humanity, doesn’t read and has no intention of visiting Africa (thank God!), but in anyone else who might be wondering what he’s talking about and if he’s right. With that, I give you my top 10 list of things to do in one of Trump’s so-called shithole countries — Kenya.

Diani Beach on Kenya’s south coast attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.

Skydive, take a glass-bottom boat ride or do nothing on Kenya’s famous white-sand beaches.

Alexandre, an amazing bakery in Nairobi

Gobble up a pastry or two at one of Nairobi’s several dazzling bakeries. Pictured is Alexandre at Yaya Center, a shopping mall/hotel/luxury apartment center. They have the best vanilla creme filled donuts EVER! BBrood, another fabulous bakery in Nairobi, has great artisan breads.

The upscale Hub in Karen has everything from soup to nuts, literally.

Shop ’til you drop at one of Kenya’s many upscale shopping malls. This is the Hub in Karen, home to international and local stores including international mega-mart Carre Four, local health and nutrition store Healthy U, franchise eatery Subway, elegant Italian-style coffee shops, and Textbook Center (which is like a cross between Barnes and Noble and the Apple store).

Tennis champion extraordinaire Serena Williams with kids in Kenya.

Volunteering might not make everyone feel good, but it makes some people feel good and if you enjoy doing something productive while on vacation, consider volunteering. Everyone from celebrities to politicians and everyday Janes and Joes volunteer all over Afric,a and so can you. Here’s Serena Williams doing a quick tennis clinic for kids in Kenya

The annual wildebeest migration takes place around October.

Watch the wildebeest migrate on the Kenya/Tanzania border. It’s the only place in the world to see these incredible animals move in large numbers.

Kenya’s outstanding first lady Margaret Kenyatta advocates for wildlife protection.

Check out some elephants. There aren’t too many places in the world where you can get this close to an elephant and be OK, just ask Kenya’s phenomenal first lady Margaret Kenyatta.

Artcaffe, one of my all-time favorite cafes in Kenya, has awesome sandwiches, salads, hot dishes, coffee beverages and wine.

Grab a latte or cappuccino and check your email at one of Kenya’s cool cafes. Artcaffe, Java House, Big Square are a few of the big names you’ll see all over the capital city, but there are numerous mom and pop cafes, too. The big names all have free WiFi.

The most elegant of classic car shows in Kenya takes place in September.

Love classic cars? Once a year, car enthusiasts from all over the world head to CBA Africa Concours d’Elegance organized by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club. It’s a fancy dress affair, gents sometimes wear ties and ladies sometimes wear elegant hats to browse restored classic cars from South America, Europe, and Africa.

You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables at neighborhood stalls, major marketplaces and by the roadside in Kenya.

Boost your phyto-nutrients for a few dollars (fewer dollars than you’d spend on fresh tropical fruits in America) while in Africa. Warm weather 365 means fresh fruits and veggies are in plenty.

White water rafting is a favorite corporate getaway in Kenya.

Go white water rafting. I’m not a white water rafter, so I don’t know much about it only that people — especially corporate groups — are heading to Kenya in droves for team-building vacations centered around the sport.

Mount Kenya stands 17,000 feet above sea level in the middle of the country.

And the #1 thing to do in a shithole African country — Climb a very high, snow-peaked mountain. Groups of climbers hit the peaks daily. Mount Kenya is the second-tallest mountain in Africa and the tallest, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania isn’t far away.

And for those of you who might ask, “If Africa’s so great, why don’t you go back there!!!” I say, “Don’t worry, I’m already there :-)”

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