“The President”

Donald Trump has a new reality TV show called, “The President.” Many people are impressed with Trump’s live performances. “The President” says people call it a performance, but he calls it work. He also said he got lots of positive reviews.

The show only follows “The President” during his “Executive Time” which is only a couple of hours a day — phone calls, meetings, and sitting at his desk in the Oval Office. Not shown is the rest of “The President’s” time lying in bed watching TV, sitting on the toilet tweeting, or sitting in his Lazy Boy watching TV, tweeting, and eating.

During a press conference for the first show of “The President” the star said, “no collusion” eight times when answering one question.

Close up! (the most natural looking side of his face, ONLY.)

In the first episode of “The President,” viewers and critics learn that “The President” has done more than any other president in history.

The show’s antagonists? Democrats. They’re hurting the government. And Hillary Clinton. She’s crooked. Fake news. All countries except for Israel and Russia. Bob Mueller. Michael Wolff. CUT!

In the first episode of “The President,” the show takes a “hard look” at libel laws because of Michael Wolff’s book. When challenged about accusing the previous president of not being a citizen and a sitting senator’s father of killing JFK, “The President” replied, “I never did that.” APPLAUSE.

A writer was fired on the show because he used too many compound sentences.

There is no laugh track for “The President” because the star and his sycophant co-stars in the White House don’t have a sense of humor. Imbeciles usually don’t.

During makeup, chaos ensues outside the set of “The President.” Republicans have 4 convicted criminals running for office: Joe Arpaio, Don Blankenship, Michael Grimm, and Greg Gianforte.

Michele Bachmann is talking to God about running for Al Franken’s seat. At this point, she feels she has been called by God to do it, but she still has a few more questions.

Comcast fired 500 people after lobbying for the tax bill and promising to hire more people.

Carrier plant in Indianapolis is laying off over 200 people today to hire people off shore. “The President” promised people he’d save their jobs in his other reality TV show, “The Candidate.”

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham don’t have a problem with Dianne Feinstein releasing the Fusion GPS transcript. Roll credits.

Trump is appointing two people who work for Deutsche Bank as attorneys in “The President’s” home district where he owes Deutsche Bank at least $130 million.

Offshore drilling will happen on both coasts except for Florida because “The President” owns a lot of beach front property in Florida.

“The President” is ignoring an attack on the country because he’s not really Captain America. He’s Red Skull.

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