ExSTRAWdinarily absurd

If it is something that gets to me it is plastic. Now, there are lots of things that gets to me, but this one…. This one is ridiculous.

Please, why is it so hard for companies or even the government to do something, just SOMETHING serious!! about it?

Companies, reduce your packaging, and if that is so immensely hard because your thick wallet makes you unable to think, at least reconsider the packaging and find better solutions. Liquid wood!! is a thing! That’s amazing. PLA Polyesters are another thing, they are made of starch from corn/sugarcane/wheat and decompose within 47 days. And it is not like these substitutes are difficult to be aware of. I literally just searched for “environmentally friendly plastic substitutes” and a list of substitutes unveiled themselves right!! in front of my eyes. I find it hard to believe that companies such as McDonald’s cannot afford to make straws of something else than plastic. And if you have to stop selling one of the 12321 types of burgers you have, I don’t think it will be too noticeable. Show us that you care a liiiiiiiittle bit about the environment if you absolutely have to sell that (stupidly) unsustainable beef. Isn’t it better to be slightly on the good side than completely on the bad side? Why not at least try. Your actions may not affect you, but they might affect your children or your sibling’s children or your BEST FRIEND’S children. So McDonalds, stop with the plastic straws already, it is just ridiculous really. And if you are still not convinced and think it is just too much work for you personally as a business entrepreneur, watch this video where a turtle is having the WORST time because you find it too much work to change ONE little aspect of your business. Also to the rest of the population who occasionally goes somewhere to eat and drink: please please please refrain from taking one of the straws, or ask them not to give one to you. And trust me, I like my lipstick too so in that case maybe we can just start and bring our own paper straws! They’re much prettier anyway.

And to the government…. Why are you not banning non-recyclable plastic (and recyclable for that matter) already? Why are there no drastic rules that actually reduces plastic waste? Why are companies allowed to continue to use and create plastic that will cause harm to the environment without getting any consequences for it? It is so simple to do something about!
First step: Create fees for using and manufacturing plastic.
Second step: Issue fines when using and manufacturing plastic.
Or start with the second step right away preferably.

AH oh dear. It’s just so absurd I might cry really.

Here’s a picture of my babe, Nala, playing in the water (she usually smiles (that’s a lie, she usually barks very angrily to make us 100% aware that she’s playing ALONE!!! as she would rather have us throw sticks and stones to her to search incessantly for (rocks are the hardest but her favourite))), she would prefer if straws were banned so her fellow animal friends and herself do not have to suffer a man’s game:

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