Dear Trump Haters, Grow The Fuck Up!

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Trump is a prime example of a pimp gone to the dark side. But we’re not here to belittle Trump and spew ignorance. The problem isn’t Trump. It is us. We are scared to stand up to that Sith Lord, terrorized by his mental hijacking, our peace of mind plundered by his cunning tactics. Trump is not a dumb man. He is the product of a family legacy that instilled in him hubris of magnificent and exaggerated proportions. If you read his family history you can begin to understand his personality and maybe cultivate a scrap of compassion.

Can we really blame him for his pure arrogance? America has become a culture steeped in brutish conceit. Of course we can argue the ethics of Trump’s actions and cast our frustration on him but I’d like to point out again that his behavior is a reflection of a castrated nation with signs of spinal atrophy. Even his old man couldn’t do anything to steer him in the right direction. Trump like the rest of humankind is merely a product of his environment.

Now we can all sit here and feed the hatred in our own hearts by failing to recognize our own arrogance and potential for tyranny or we can stand up and confront our own personal issues head on.

We’ve become distracted by the circus show antiques of the political arena, dependent on an endless onslaught of misinformation to guide our opinions and drive our behavior. This is psychological warfare at its peak. The Nazi’s didn’t lose, they evolved. They now appear on every news channel with their suit and ties reading scripts with the proclivity of a trained actor. And we all sit like middle aged dogs, drooling and doing nothing to change our circumstances. This has become a nation of cowards and victims. We gawk in admiration at the leaders and pioneers of today without realizing our own ingenuity and recognize our natural sovereignty.

The potential of the individual becomes squandered in our society all in the name of the current -ism. The traditional way of living has become obsolete. Millennials are here to break down the barriers that impede humanity from making progress. It’s the only way we can survive and continue to evolve. More kids are taking bigger risks and living life on their own terms with the permission of no one but themselves. Capitalism is dying and I think the majority of people intrinsically know that. The way we communicate is rapidly changing. Economic exchange has gone rancid and greed pollutes our world.

It’s daunting to keep up with all of it. The digital age is like this stampeding herd rushing out from oblivion and thrusting ferociously towards the unknown. The only thing missing are jet packs and we’ll be commuting to Mars in no time. And if you can’t keep up beware. There’s no playing it safe anymore. Retirement is a hoax and no one gives a shit about going to college anymore because people are realizing that today a diploma won’t buy you a loaf of bread.

A certain attitude is required now more than ever or else you’ll be pecking for breadcrumbs in your golden years. This attitude is none other than cojónes. That’s Spanish for having balls. Now more than ever we need to face our fear of uncertainty head on and have faith in our abilities to overcome obstacles. Courage and creativity combined creates opportunities for growth and development. We are all capable of finding the answers to our problems.

This is a salute to the madmen and women out there who believe they can make a difference despite living in an atmosphere of baby boomer cynicism. To the ones who can sniff out the bullshit coming out of the White House and Wall Street and have the courage to play another game. The ones who realize people like Trump are only pawns in the elaborately diabolical realm of modern day politics and commerce. We don’t condemn. We move on with our heads tilted back staring at the stars imagining the infinite possibilities of life.

The next revolution has begun.

A line from one of my favorite songs of all time by Damian Marley and his crew (It Was Written)

It was written in the book of life

That man shall endure forever more.

Did you know the pen

Is stronger than the knife.

They can kill you once

But they can’t kill you twice.

Did you know that I

Exist before the Earth

And did you know my eyes

Are windows to the world.

Fear is in the eye of the beholder

Love is in the presence of the love maker.

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