Americans Are Stupid People

I despise America. I despise Americans. Fuck’em.

Oh, here it comes again. More mindless rhetoric from America. “You better get the hell out of our country.”

Yada. Yada. Yada. Get a new idea. Do you really think I haven’t heard this stupid tripe.

In so many ways, I left America a long, long time ago. I am apart from your conglomerations of the great machines. I hope you fail. You will fail. You are failing now.

I did not elect that idiot turd. YOU did. YOU did. And now, you can’t get rid of this stupid man.

Americans richly deserve exactly what they get.

Dude, you’ve been had. Big Time.

You were warned.

Americans don’t vote, they don’t listen, they don’t participate, they don’t think, and they have disabled their own country.

Because they are so incredibly stupid.

Oprah is not the fucking point.

We need to move away from the circus and elevate those toiling in relative darkness, giving them the opportunity to use their hard won expertise and serve. Give me a patient brain in a wrinkled shirt and thick glasses…”

Toiling in relative darkness is what Americans do. It is a darkness of their own creation. Exactly who serves who.

How stupid is it out there.

YOU serve HIM. The idea he is serving you is patently absurd and beneath contempt.

It is a done deal. You are a lost people, and this is how the rest of the world thinks of the new America.

Americans don’t understand they are part of a bigger world. The average American lives within a radius of 100 miles from wherever she was born. The 100 miles has expended from 20.

Less than 2% of Americans have traveled. To places unlike America. It is always, always an eye-opening experience. It is not my responsibility to understand Americans.

There isn’t that much there to understand. The world is a complicated place. America is the culture of the numb simpletons who mistake rhetoric for reality because they are too stupid to think for themselves. To wit: Women put a man who hates women at the top of the patriarchal hierarchy.

Because women know their place which is to support the men no matter what the men think or do.

Americans want simple answers, simple lives, simple government, simple TV, simple books, simplistic news, and they hide from any information that might confuse them.

Oh, poor little America.

Grow up.

These issues are bigger than Oprah. She is only a symptom. The bigger problem is YOU, America, not Oprah.

A patient brain may be what you need, but don’t hold your breath. You can’t always get what you want.

Such a spoiled, mean, vengeful, afraid, clueless, indifferent people. Go shake in your shoes. I would tell you to go grow some balls, but you have none to grow. You are as a culture fundamentally impotent.

The people who, like Lisa, see hope at the end of the tunnel are hallucinating. Where is the evidence for it. Please. Don’t bother pointing out to me that there are many, many people who dissent.

They. Do. Not. Fucking. Matter.

Where were these people a year ago. Asleep at the wheel. America is a stupid country because its leaders are stupid, its culture is stupid, its institutions are routine-driven and stupid, and its focus on clinging to religion dogmatic. You love dogma. You love the refuge of stupidity, you allowed them to erase net neutrality, you have allowed them to wage war on your very own environments, you have allowed them to petulantly play games where they get to drain, not the swamp, but the lower class of its ability to — survive.

And yet they think — the light at the end of another tunnel will ultimately save them because life is kind and decent, and moral, where do all of these tunnels come from, and how is it that at the end of them, there is only more and more darkness, yet we refer to it as light because if we don’t, we may as well put a gun in our collective mouths because, Dude, we have lost what we have. Screaming at me (I am always laughing at your feebleness) gets you what. Telling me to leave the country gets you what. Voting for the orange hair idiot gets you what.

The simpletons have won. Your dissent is worth what. The only thing you value is the sanctity of your stuff, and your consumerism.

That does not mean, I don’t think there are solutions. I deeply believe that the culture of celebrity has finally come home to roost. Oprah. Is that the best you’ve got.


What you’ve got is the legacy of shadows. Jefferson is now a shadow. Washington is now the great white father shadow. Lincoln is rolling in his grave. There is only more and more insidiousness yet to come. You bought it. You own it.

I wish you luck with all of your self-created conflicts and illusions. You are a cruel and a horrid people. You cannot undo it. Not with Oprah. Not with anyone.

But we can be great again. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

I have been traveling all over the country, and I do talk with a LOT of different people. I work with people who are building safe houses.

I will not tell you where. Eat me.

Buy why build safe houses in America, the land of the free and the brave.

I don’t pretend to speak for anyone other than myself. All the while chewing on the idea that has taken up residence in my head, that there is nowhere safe anywhere in America, and about a dozen other countries, but there is especially nothing safe in the United States.

Not ideas. Not human beings. Not children.

Let us be clear. You rape, fuck, burn children with cigarettes, you starve them, you addict them, you have created an entire homeless population of them, and now you want their health care.

Look to your children America.

Just look at your children. All that needs to be articulated is right smack there.

In your face. The Facebook family and the Facebook mommies are irrelevant and not inspirational. and you do not give a flying fuck outside of the reality that some day your indifference is going to meet the WRONG problem, and the conflict is going to do you in.

Good riddance. Get thee to a nunnery. America is a dead pig’s head on a stick.

There is only one solution. And I’m not stupid enough to publish it here.

Tim Barrus: Cinematheque Films

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