Today We Saw #POTUSVSG

Trump Live Bi-Partisan Opener On Immigration

We saw real leadership.

We saw the very stable genius that is President Trump, get all sides in a room, and with the media present and cameras rolling for more than an hour, he tackled one of the most contentious issues facing the country in an open and transparent way.

Illegal immigration and border security including DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) a border wall, ending the lottery system, and end of chain-migration.

President Trump, VSG, set a new standard. He raised the bar for how these matters will be discussed and presented to the public.

President Trump’s opponents are not prepared for this. Trump has been “in the boardroom” on reality TV for a decade. There will be no spin, no backroom deals, no betrayal. It’s all going to get aired- live, in real time.

And he just TOTALLY and COMPLETELY discredited ALL the ridiculous allegations about attention span, dementia, instability, or craziness.

It’s as if he said in response: You think so? Come on in. We’ll see who has command of the issues. Democrats already have an uphill climb in the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections.

It just got worse.

The sheer brilliance of using the Democratic lapdog media to open a bi-partisan cabinet meeting? #POTUSVSG.

Using the very Democratic Party lapdog media that wakes up every morning dreaming of ways to destroy him to check law makers, off prompter, sit them back in their seats, and forcing them to show their hand to cut through all the crap and move the issue forward? #POTUSVSG.

Trump also basically said to the media, “I own you. I will use you as I please. Though you hate me, you will do my bidding”.

And he did it in front of the people that think they own the media as if to say, “The media are my bitch, not yours, and I will use them on you. Do you like your job? Now, let’s all work together. I have confidence in everyone in this room.”

And who was not there? Ryan, Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer. Politicizing, pontificating, bloviating, holding everyone’s hands and giving them dirty looks, keeping them in line.

No need for the leadrship. The leader was Trump. He was very clear today about who runs the show, and in whose hands each one of their futures really is.

President Donald J. Trump, master deal maker, negotiator in chief, #POTUSVSG.

This one cabinet meeting is enough to write a book on.

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