The Uninvited Conman That Wanted to be King

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A majority of the world knew Donald Trump as the obnoxious, ego-driven, loud mouth that seemed to have no problem slapping his name on just about anything that he thought would “sell”. From a rip-off so-called “university” pressuring people that couldn’t afford the services to steaks, Trump built his business on the same type of snake oil salesman pitch that has been historically used to separate people from their money. Trump knew that no matter how much we progress, there is always an audience that will listed to lies and over the years, he perfected the pitch to appeal to those that wanted to believe. His use of simplistic rhetoric, repeated many times, combined with highly paid attorneys to find the loopholes in the system, he developed a brand that looked like a piece of shining gold, but was actually only spray painted. It was and is a complete sham and we are seeing the thin layers being peeled away to expose the shabby, small and hateful man.

If you have any doubt about how truly disliked Trump is, all you need to do is talk to New Yorkers. Over the years they have had their fill of him and his shady deals. There is a trail of vendors that have done work for him and yet either have never been paid or had to take him to court to get a pittance of their invoice. Like any good conman, everything face-forward is “for show” and he surrounded himself with those that clung to the coattails and told him what he wanted to hear.

The problem with this type of personality disorder is that there aren’t any boundaries that they won’t cross because they don’t actually “see” them. To Trump, everything and everyone was a competition and to appease his ego he would do or say anything to win. This attitude began early on in his life with an approach that everything was open for the taking at any cost. He had years of business failures and bankruptcies, using the system to overinflate the value of his assets and then flip them into losses that would give him gains. This is how Trump views “winning”, which is taking advantage of each and every moment to glean something for himself; no matter how many others are harmed in the wake. But as the years progressed, U.S. banks refused to lend him money and that is when he decided to stroll to the dark side and make deals with the devil; and in Trump’s mind, this was just fine.

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No Conscience, No Soul, No Limits

A deal at any cost seems to be an attraction for people like Trump and for decades he saw Russia as a prime area to add under his brand. However, even with the incredible amount of corruption filtering through Moscow, each deal seemed to fall short. Attracting the Russian oligarchs, who hold all of the finances was the key. A Washington Post article describes this approach:

‘If you didn’t target the Russian billionaires, then you shouldn’t be in the business,’ said Dolly Lenz, a former Douglas Elliman broker, in a 2008 article in the New York Observer. Lenz told USA Today last year that she had sold about 65 apartments in Manhattan’s Trump World Tower to Russian buyers. ‘They all wanted to meet Donald,’ she said.”

To maintain the façade, Trump needed money, and he would do anything to get it. International loans were orchestrated from companies such as Deutsch Bank, who have already been involved in money laundering situations, and then there’s the question of selling real estate properties at overinflated prices to Russian oligarchs. The list of shady, questionable and downright wacko methods of filtering money to Trump is slowly being exposed, but since so much of it teeters on the borders of “legal”, his supporters turn a blind eye to them.

Trump’s personality alone makes him an easy target from someone as politically savvy as Vladimir Putin, who knew exactly how to manipulate someone as simple as Trump. Putin is well polished in the world and his goal was to exploit Trump’s idiocy so that he could combine it with their plans in place to wreak havoc on the American system of government. In a Vox article entitled:

A Russian newspaper editor explains how Putin made Trump his puppet

“They consider him a stupid, unstrategic [sic] politician.”

Mikhail Fishman, editor-in-chief of the Moscow Times, who are known critics of Putin, is interviewed on the topic of Putin and Trump.

“I would prefer to talk about how they’re different, because those differences are so obvious and extreme. They come from very different worlds. Putin is an ex-Soviet intelligence officer with all that that implies. Trump is a colorful American businessman and showman.

In their habits, they’re radically different. Trump is a posturing performer, full of idiotic narcissism. He appears to be a disorganized fool, to be honest. Putin, on the other hand, is calculating, organized, and he plans everything. He also hides much of his personal life in a way that Trump does not.

Then there’s also the fact that Putin is so much more experienced than Trump. He has more than 15 years of global political experience. He knows how to do things, how to work the system. He makes plenty of mistakes, but he knows how to think and act. Trump is a total neophyte. He has no experience and doesn’t understand how global politics operates. He displays his ignorance every single day.”

Putin took advantage of Trump’s puppy-dog-like bromance worship and used it. Fishman continued to say:

“…The Kremlin is limited in their knowledge about what’s going on in Washington, but they see the chaos and the confusion in Trump’s administration. They see the clumsiness, the inexperience. Naturally, they’re working to exploit that.”

The Vox interview covers the fact that Putin’s ultimate endgame is disruption of Democracies around the globe because he truly doesn’t believe that they work anywhere and that they are a sham.

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Add a Dash of Propaganda via so-called “News”

When President Reagan revoked The Fairness Doctrine, this opened the doors for right wing extremist’s news reporting such as Fox to enter the fray. Rupert Murdoch devoted decades in developing the kind of propaganda machine that would usher in the age of Trump and the spin and outright lies that the conservatives wanted to present. With nothing holding them back, Fox quickly became a kind of “Trump News” and when combined with the well-crafted Russian fake news in social media, it was the perfect storm.

Of course, the blame can’t solely belong to Fox. During the Presidential election process we saw each of the news reporting stations scampering up to give Trump unfettered exposure; refusing to call him out on any false statements or even his very elementary word salad speaking methods.

In the meantime, Putin’s propaganda machine was busy in Russia, portraying Trump as the single individual that was taking a stand against the ‘status quo’ in the U.S.

Those that have critical thinking have been aghast at how this entire drama played out and even people in other countries have been shocked at how America has allowed such a travesty to occur under the banner of “news”.

Now the conman had everything lined up in his favor and when it came to the Republican Party, they may have held disdain for Trump, but they saw him as a single way to get their constituents onboard to take over the White House, the house and the Senate. In this, they were willing to sell out their very country to achieve their long awaited agenda.

I cover this is my article: Surprise: The Entire GOP May be Involved in RussiaGate, in which I include the various devious methods that the Republicans used to realign their RNC to a more Russia-friendly approach in last minute meetings prior to the convention. Supporters bellied up to the bar with visions of Russian sugarplums dancing in their heads and the TrumpTrolls around the country began spewing that they looked forward to improved relations with a country that has always been hostile to the U.S.

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Game’s Up For the Man Baby

As the GOP has continued to try to say “ignore the man behind the curtain” and support Trump, they are finding themselves in increasingly skittish waters. First they (and Fox) spread misinformation about the Steele Dossier, then they have tried to support Trump in his attacks against the very security departments that have kept our country safe including the FBI, then they threw a few meager attempts at getting Special Counsel Robert Mueller fired, followed by some members trying to sue Christopher Steele (author of the dossier), and then trying to spread misinformation as well as obstruct the Senate Judiciary testimony of Fusion GPS.

In a “gloves off” approach, Senator Dianne Feinstein made the decision to release the transcript of the Glenn Simpson (co-founder of Fusion GPS) testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Add to this that the White House is now trying to make excuses as to why Trump spends a majority of his day in his bedroom, watching television and Tweeting. Calling it “Executive Time”, Trump doesn’t leave the residence until 11 AM and then returns at around 6 PM. As Mueller’s investigation looms closer, the orange man in the White House isn’t even trying to hide the fact that he knows he is doomed. But this behavior isn’t the most bizarre, as he has spent the last number of months under mental health scrutiny. From meandering away from podiums only to have to be led back, to forgetting to sign documents, not remembering the names of world leaders and even swaying and not having the ability to sing the National Anthem, his handlers have now resorted to having him appear in pre-recorded video casts instead of addressing members of the media in person.

Even members of the Republican Party are feeling quite comfortable making name-calling comments about Trump. While his core base still remain with him, his polling numbers are dropping at radical rates and as this happens, more and more Republicans are distancing themselves from him. The White House administration is in absolute chaos, with hiring, quitting and firing doors appearing more like a turnstile and those that have chosen to stay continue to be some of the most unqualified in history.

The world knows that Trump is unstable and has been from the very beginning. Democrat Members of Congress (and one Republican) recently met with a psychiatric professor to discuss this situation. Most of the media has been silent about the condition; but some are finally having the courage to come forward and say what a majority of the world is thinking:

Trump is not fit to be in the White House.

If you wonder how far the Republicans will let this go, you need only look back to Watergate where they defended Nixon all the way to the end, until they knew that the tapes were going to be released.

For now, the midterms are going to be the single most important aspect in a resistance against the Republican agenda. They already know that a Blue Wave is coming; we can only hope that Trump doesn’t do something that brings us to the brink of war before that.

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