So You Say You Want a Revolution?

#LemmingsLeap 9: So you want to start a Revolution?





Well you know- it’s not as easy as that. For one thing, we are fractured into so many different opposing groups, all with their own ideas as to how this country should be. The perception of what a revolution is can also be a hindrance.

When thinking of revolution, too many people think of violent overthrow of a government. In this kind of revolution things can get quite messy. In my novel, We Won’t Forget You Mr. McGillicuddy, there is a side story where two veterans are getting high on pot and malt liquor under a bridge and discussing what can be done about the state of the country. One stands for getting all brothers in arms together and the other is not so sure. He correctly points out that the US military has all kinds of weapons that are more powerful than the ones any citizen could get their hands on and they have weapons that we can’t even conceive of. I would also point out that they also have the country bugged so well that the government would know what was going on before the conspirators.

This is not to say that there cannot be or should not be a revolution. I think most of us realize that things have gotten out of hand in so many ways it would take volumes to describe. Our government was hijacked from the beginning and it only got worse as the years went by. The right wing “Revolution” did not happen overnight and though time is short due to several factors such as global warming, severe pollution on many levels and the fact that the right wing is in the process of starting a Constitutional Convention which they expect will be packed with people of their ilk.

The right wing’s first glint of power came with the writing of the Constitution. All of those involved in writing, negotiating and ratifying the Constitution were middle aged men with land and were either owners of a legitimate business or were involved in some illegitimate enterprise such as smuggling. I won’t detail all of the steps between the conception of the Constitution and the problems we have now here as it would be too lengthy. I will point out that sometime in the early seventies, the rich and well connected did start think tanks that provided a well thought out agenda for their success. The process happened because it was well thought out and those involved put aside their differences to complete their agenda.

This is what we, as the people, need to do. We don’t have the resources of the rich and we don’t have control over the media as they do. Our power comes only when we are united, despite our differences, in instituting an agenda we agree on. This is the first step in stopping the right wing agenda and making this country a land of free people with laws that are made by the people and for the people, not by and for those who are rich and powerful. This means that we should start talking to our neighbors, despite their differences of opinion. We need to start respecting their opinions and learn where they came from. We need to start respecting each other and resist the urge that mainstream media puts into our heads that those who are different are somehow not human.

Organization will not be easy. We will have to overcome decades of negative programming built into the structure of our everyday lives. We will have to find a measure of forgiveness for those who have hurt us in the past. We will have to rub shoulders with people we are unaccustomed to interacting with. Our groups will be infiltrated. Our communications will be disrupted. Laws will be passed that curtail our rights to free speech and freedom of assembly. The police will be used to enforce these laws and put us in our place. But if we are to succeed, we must plow on and forge local bonds that will eventually join in at state and national levels with the same goal in mind: freedom for all.

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