Should Democrats Act Worse Than Republicans to Succeed?

(It’s Time to Fight Dirty, David Faris, April 2018)

It’s Time To Fight Dirty is built on the false premise that the only way Democrats can take over from Republicans is to be worse than Republicans. They should be at least as obstructive, uncooperative, unreasonable and irrational as the Republicans were during the Obama Administration. This is not a recipe for a better democracy. Or a better country. It is a recipe for disaster — a race to the bottom. But in David Faris’ world, winning is everything.

Faris maintains acting civilly only lets Republicans trample poor, honest, gullible Democrats. So far they have reduced the number of polling booths, limited voting time and absentee ballots, required hard-to-get IDs, removed the vote from cons and ex-cons, and twisted districts into bizarre shapes to ensure continuous re-election for themselves. If that weren’t sufficient, there aren’t enough Congressmen (we really need about 900!), Supreme Court justices live too long, there is no statutory holiday for voting and of course Republicans have zero respect for voters or democracy once they’re in. Therefore, Democrats should do precisely the same thing next time they’re in charge. You follow?

Republicans are Satan for Faris, and he takes every shot he can. Here’s his take on the Senate Majority Leader:
“With his signature, dead-eyed, off-center stare, and his trash-eating half-grin that barely conceals his self-satisfaction with all of the democracy-wrecking shenanigans he’s gotten away with, McConnell is the chief philosopher-king of the Republic of Hypocrisy, whose unrivalled ability to summon an unbroken string of lies and distortions of self-serving nonsense through his teeth helped deliver unfettered power to the GOP in 2016 despite their almost unique unfitness to run a modern country.”

And that is just one sentence.

He also has a thing for “entire” as in everything Republicans do worse than anything in the entire world or in the entire history of mankind or the entire country, etc, etc.

The proposals to fix government are really out there, considering the state of bipartisanship. Faris wants to create eight news states that will vote Democrat (Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and splitting California into seven states along county lines). We must switch to proportional elections, amend the constitution several ways, and no president who loses the popular vote should be able to nominate a Supreme Court justice.

I wasn’t sure Faris isn’t actually a Republican out make Democrats look ridiculous.

Yes, rather than entice citizens, Republicans work to cut off votes from anyone who might oppose them. But Faris has no viable path for Democrats except to copy them and outdo them in self-serving. What he totally ignores is the simple fact the Democrats have not seen fit to provide a viable presidential alternative. If the Democrats could find an honest, trustworthy and principled flagbearer, this entire rant would be irrelevant. Instead, he proposes no choice whatsoever.

David Wineberg

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