Republican senate candidate Sheriff Joe Arpaio announces run to replace Jeff Flake, or was that JOHN McCain?

But he’s 85 goddamn years old!

I don’t know. I’m going to be 67 and I need an hour and 20 minute nap every afternoon. I do not have the stamina of the President.

I give Mr. Trump all the credit in the world. He does have great stamina. I don’t know how he does it.

All of his life he has needed very little sleep.

Me, I was known as “the Sominex Kid.”

“Take Sominex tonite and sleep…..

Safe and Restful sleep, sleep sleep…”

Yes. It’s true. I have always needed a siesta to function past 10pm and I have no Mexican genes!

But I don’t know about Senator Joe.

I am glad he was pardoned and can now run for office. I wish someone would pardon me. I could be a good candidate. I could do good things for this country and the world!

Forgive me. I just made mild Italian sausage with tortellini and had a bottle of Xariel Portuguese wine. Mmmmmmmm.

(Don’t tell my wife. She is still at work selling mattresses and she is pissed. She was just chewing my ear off about the computer being down for two days at her store.)

My opinion. Sheriff Joe is too polarizing. He is too old. This is not a good choice for the President.

I know the President. I know how he thinks. He rewards loyalty to a tee. The Sheriff is super loyal. But this is not good for the country. This is a mistake, I’m afraid.

This is going to end up like Judge Roy Moore. Not that because Sheriff Joe is a whoremaster but the Republicans will lose another seat.

We are going to lose the House and Senate and the President will be “forced” to move to the left.

I say “forced” because I think Trump is a closet Liberal. Like me we talk a big game but we really are populists. We really want the little guy to move on up. We both have hearts that we wear on our sleeves.

We really want everyone to feel relatively happy. Or at least calm.

And right now there are a lot of people (58%) that are not happy.

And just because the stock market hit its 75th new record high today doesn’t make them happy.

Forgive me. I am now cross eyed as the wine has kicked in. But it acts as a truth serum and I spill the true beans. At my age I cannot handle the spirits as I used to.

I am not as good as I once was

But I am good once as I ever was

Thank God for Medium!

It has kept my brain active in retirement and I feel that it is still growing. I can feel it growing.

Good night!

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