Men in the Middle

Men in the Middle

With a touchy subject as sexual harassment can be as a topic, I’ve been pre-warned by peers that any article written will never be a win-win for the author. My motivation then centered around related cause and effect subjects, to assist me in the quest to mitigate my demise.

Those subjects appear in chronological order of the research embarked-upon:

*DNC vs. GOP affinity for male vs. female molestation without consent.

*Hollywood likelihood

*Wife culpability may lead to profitability


I googled, curiously. “Is sexual harassment more democratic or republican.” I thought, maybe everyone knows and isn’t telling me, so I better operate from a position of certainty. The results were conflicting, not telling the story I imagined.

Democrats are liberal, and to most seem to represent the “anything-goes” ethic. Republicans are mostly churchgoers, supported by evangelicals, conservative. Not the basis for any assumption, but Vox News’ Dara Lind, claimed that John Conyers, D/MI, ranking member of the Judicial House Committee paid an intern $29,000 to be quiet. She also noted that Nancy Pelosi didn’t want him (African American) fired, so as to avoid blowback from the Congressional Black Caucus. Politics thus prevailed.

Sure, Al Franken, Gary Hart, Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, and other lefties are guilty..just as much as our President likely is. Blue and Red coexist in this moral cesspool, but bad actors appear to lose jobs and money; politicians for the most part can hibernate for a while.

Imagine this scenario. Pick your favorite actress. Time may unravel details of a couch-scene with Harvey, propelling her in the yesteryear to stardom..and lips are sealed. (Yes, I could have played with that.) Conscience aside, does this starlet sleep at night with the question, “Would I have made it anyway?”

And the wives, Mrs. Lauer, et al who were devastated upon hearing the news on CNN? Were they aware, and were tight-lipped to preserve his career..or planned someday to use the affair as leverage for a bigger settlement? (Definition of a pessimist is an optimist with experience.) Was there anything these wives could have keep their husbands from straying? We’ll never know, even if we wanted to; which I don’t.

No-one speaks about the other victims, the kids. (Refer, sadly: the deceased son of Eric Bolling.) Lauer’s kids at school, being teased. Mom’s interesting GNO’s and the inevitable questions for the new gazillionairesses.


1. Only female and gay TV-anchorpeople should apply.

2. Mandatory, crippling pre-nuptials for Hollywood producers and their wives.

3. Body cameras for all politicians..just like our men/women in blue.

4. Daily lie-detectors for restaurant staff managers.

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