Have Americans lost their marbles?

Oprah Winfrey made a short speech during an award ceremony. A speech that was linked to the “MeToo” movement but contained some hopeful — and puzzling — passages, such as “A new day is on the horizon”. That’s all, folks. That’s all she said.

But for many Americans, armchair specialists, the media, late night show hosts and a slew of political pundits, there was no need for more. Our savior has all but announced that she will run to lead our country (er, the greatest country on Earth — let’s not forget that overblown and oversold part, a mantra repeated ad nauseam in almost every single country on the planet).

She made a short speech. But it was as if the Sun had just pierced with brilliant rays the very dark and threatening clouds hanging in the upper atmosphere since November 8, 2016. Everyone lift up their heads to look at the marvelous blue skies and started hoping for a better future. Yes, they can. After all, you just can’t blame them if they are desperately searching for a savior. What with the sorry Trump-Republican spectacle American voters have given themselves and the world in 2016?

And who cares if that person is another celebrity with no experience whatsoever in government? After all, it is precisely those “with experience in government” that have made their country the mess that it is (you guessed it, the greatest country on Earth).

Welcome to the United States of the XXIst century. While the rest of the world (I’m thinking China, Russia, Japan, Europe and a slew of others) get on with the job of managing their affairs and increasingly make decisions affecting the planet, Americans are building walls around their fortress, deporting “the others”, slashing services to those “who don’t deserve it”, calling “traitors” those who disagree with them or who kneel before a football game, and all they want now is “to be entertained” by presidents who must be chosen among those who at one time or another made them feel good on the teevee.

Granted, what’s not to like about Oprah Winfrey? Especially right after a Donald Trump and his royal suite? As a bonus, this race would be the mother of all entertainment, for Oprah would have to run against not one, but against two well defined groups of adversaries: Trump + Family and Putin + Russian Intelligence. Think about that spectacle!

But listen. At one point Americans will need to ask themselves the question: Have they lost their marbles?

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