Toxins The Cure For Life

The most horrible day for society was when evil realized there is no money in cures

STATS FIRST: The Untied States holds over (45 percent) of the Pharmaceutical markets globally with profits of (446 billion) U.S dollars in 2016. 6 out of 10 major companies are from the Untied States. According to the (BBC news) those companies have an estimated (42 percent) profit margin and is expected to grow from (4 percent) to (8 percent) this year. With lots of Big Pharma numbers available on the web to find, it came to no surprise that the global Pharmaceutical Market was one-quarter that of the U.S Federal Government Spending in 2016.

Reports show that Americans spent (329.2 billion) dollars on prescription drugs in 2013. Big Pharma spent an estimated (17.5 billion) on sales and marketing in 2013. Only spending (8.2 billion) for research and development in the same year. Its obvious Big Pharma now spends more money on advertising than it does on research. Not only of new drugs on the market but also the cause and effects of previously approved drugs.

Big Pharma has a wide variety of drugs and classifications for those drugs. If its on the market and requires a prescription you can bet Big Pharma made it, including vaccines.

In recent years the main political focus has been abuse of prescription drugs. Either from accidental death or from reasons related to willfully misusing the products. What is rarely a main talking point for media corporations and politicians is the actual number of deaths caused by Big Pharma products due to how the medication and the ingredient are developed.

A comprehensive study of allergic deaths within the U.S from 1999–2010 showed that (58.8 percent) of deaths were directly related to medication with (19.3) being unspecified anaphylaxis deaths, venom related (15.2 percent), food related (6.7 percent). With other studies showing that at least (3000 to 4500) deaths occurred in the United States as a direct cause of severe reactions to vaccines.

It is not clear at this time how many people developed severe health issues from taking the long list of prescription and none prescription drugs that are available on the market today. It is my guess that everyone at some point in their lives has stopped to wonder why are there some many side effects to these medications?

It is well known, by taking over the counter medications such as Advil or Aleve for long periods of time can cause serious health issues and complications. That can lead to death or having to treat any and all issues caused by those medication with other medications. The same situation occurs with all medicines regardless if they are prescribed or over the counter.

So what is going on?

It would seem as if Big Pharma is creating poisonous medications, either knowingly or without foreknowledge, both outcomes are frighting and highly dangerous. Weather there is intent for this horrific fact or weather these products are being made with ingredients that are having a disastrous effect on millions of people without concern of the public’s health is a scary scenario.

Are we to believe, that in order to treat one natural or unnatural health issue we must trade that issue for another sickness brought on by the medication we are given. Are we to believe that healthy medications are not possible, is that to much to believe, because we have been under the mind set of dirty medications for so long?

What would happen you were to make a poisonous product and sell it to the public causing major health issues or even death?

You would never see the light of day again as a free human being on this earth. So why is Big Pharma allowed to that which you are forbidden?

Legal murder and protection of product causes, Big Pharma and even over the counter developers are protected by insert notification and sign consent waivers. Meaning if they warn you of the possible dangers on their product labels they are protected from prosecution for their crimes against humanity, Same for doctors prescribing medications and the inserts on those medications including vaccines. So they have legal protection to give out dirty drugs that cause horrible health issues.

It is unclear at this time if there is possible connected to population control. But one must consider that a patient lost is a customer lost, is there the same amount of money in curing people than there is by keeping them on medication and visiting the doctor every month on a regular basis.

What is clear, are the facts that anyone looking can see for themselves. What every person should stand for is clean medication and accountability of drug developers around the world. Profit is not more valuable than a human live, this issue effects everyone and should be at the for front of everyone’s mind.

I’m not a doctor, This short summary was to point out the major problems we face as healthcare patients. DO NOT stop taking any medications before speaking to your healthcare provider first. That being said I urge you to take a stand with me in demanding clean medications and accountability of Big Pharma companies. Be sure to share, like and comment. Thank you for reading.

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