The Deep State vs. the Counterculture

The Chucks, on the wrong side of history.


These people are groveling hacks and tools of the Establishment:

But host Chuck Todd wasn’t interested in what [Sen. Lindsey] Graham (R-SC) had found in his perusal of Justice’s classified files. Instead, he peppered Graham with skeptical questions, at one point asking him, about Strzok: “Do you think it was a political bias? How do you know it wasn’t something that he had found in his investigation?” This, despite the fact that Strzok sent most of his anti-Trump texts before he joined the Russia investigation, in July 2016.

Nor is Todd the only NBC analyst questioning Graham’s actions. Andrea Mitchell, a reporter well known for her cozy relationship with Hillary Clinton, helpfully tweeted out on Friday: “McCain camp taking issue with the latest moves by #LindseyGrahamSC.” She was referring in large part to John Weaver, McCain’s consultant during his 2000 and 2008 presidential runs, and Mark Salter, McCain’s frequent speechwriter and book collaborator. Weaver tweeted on Friday: “I’ve known Lindsey Graham for many years and sat in the first meeting between him and John McCain. Couldn’t be sadder today.” The same day, Salter tweeted: “From all credible accounts, Steele is a solid guy, who was so worried that America’s enemy, Putin, had compromising info on Trump that he exposed himself to risk to bring it to the attention of US law enforcement. That’s the act of an ally not a criminal.”

Propagandists, the whole lot of them.

They’re going to the mat for Peter Strzok, the corrupt cop who let the cat out of the bag that the Russia investigation was a political smear tactic from the very start. And they’re rushing to the defense of the British former spy who lent his name to the whole thing to get it off the ground.

I bet Todd, Mitchell and the McCain flaks all fancy themselves the Good Guys, too. They think they’re the noble underdogs standing up to a tremendous evil, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

They’re the Establishment, they’re The Man, they’re the sycophantic lackeys of the political establishment.

They’ve got it backwards.

Trump is punk rock. He’s counterculture. He’s the insurgent. He’s the revolutionary.

When the history of this era is written, it is Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Weaver and Salter who will go down as the Bad Guys. These deep state mouthpieces, these defenders of the corrupt actions of a politicized FBI. If you’re barking at people who dare criticize the FBI’s corrupt leadership, you are 100% the “Bad Guy.”

And I’m only using these Manichean terms because that’s the way these people view the world. This is the game they’ve forced us to play.

Leftists think they’re the underdogs. They have this ridiculous victim mindset where, despite being in control of virtually every major institution of this country outside of the elected offices of the federal government (they dominate the bureaucracy, the unelected posts), they still imagine it’s the Summer of Love in 1969 and they’re a bunch of hippies Sticking it to the Man with the Power of Music. They fancy themselves the plucky idealists, the rag-tag band of freedom fighters and revolutionaries, with all the odds stacked against them and nothing but the rightness of their cause to keep hope alive.

Nonsense. When the history of this era is written, they’re going to be King George III and the Trump movement is going to be like the 13 Colonies.

Do you remember when Chuck Schumer warned Trump against picking a fight with the deep state, saying, “these guys have six ways to Sunday of getting back at you”?

That was Schumer defending his allies. It’s amazing that a politician in a free country warned people not to mess with spies because they regularly destroy people’s lives.

Shouldn’t that be the exact reason it’s time to go after them and call them out?

I can’t believe Schumer didn’t realize how f*cked up that sentence was. I can’t believe that frank admission was not the biggest outrage in this country.

Wait, so you’re saying that our spy community is vindictive and abusive of its tremendous power? You’re saying that politicians are not allowed to criticize the spies because doing so will invite massive retaliation?

How is that not an obvious sign that we need to restore some accountability?

And, further, how is not a clear sign that Schumer and his ilk are all on the side of the unaccountable, vindictive corrupt police state?

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