She was calling on us.

I love Oprah. My goodness her speech at the Golden Globes last night was fantastic. It was perfect weave of story, reflection, rallying cry and inspiration. A masterful delivery. Perfect Oprah.

First thing this morning I sent a friend this text: “After that speech… when is Oprah running for president?”

While I was joking, it appears there are plenty who are not. I have already seen several “Oprah 2020” memes, opinion pieces and tweets calling for her to make the run.

Folks, we’re missing Oprah’s point. Last night was not her telling us she is ready to “save” us and run for office.

She was calling on us.

She was speaking to the young girls watching her accept her award. She was telling them that they must tell their best story. Their truth.

To the adults in the room, she was insisting we must acknowledge our role in our community. It is not up to her to run for office, but it is for us.

I saw Oprah referred to as the only hope for the Democrats in 2020. This saddens me.

Have we reached this point in modern society where only a celebrity can be elected president? Do we now require Hollywood-star-power for the highest office? The Presidency is, and cannot be, the top of the mountain for celebrities.

While politics is filled with drama, comedy, tragedy and mystery, it is not a movie, a play, a reality tv show or a talk show.

Campaigning is not governing and vice versa. Have we not learned that governing, especially serving as president, requires experience and a sense of political know-how?

Saying that Oprah is the Democrats only hope, and with some falling over themselves saying “YES!”, is a slap in the face to every unknown individual who wants to run for office and give a voice to the voiceless she spoke of last night. Are Democrats that void of new talent that their hopes immediately go to Oprah?

Let us heed Oprah’s call. Vote. Volunteer. Run for office. Stand up for those who need a voice. Donate. It is only if and when we take responsibility and action that we can see the change we want to see in the world. (Thanks, Gandhi.)

A new day is on the horizon, indeed.

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