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Age of ‘Trumpism’

I’ve heard this phrase used more often and often, and it should worry us. For me, this is somewhat worrisome. It means that the standard is less, people just expect less from our leader and elected politicians because of this. He’s brought an unbecoming sense to the presidency. This will not be set precedent though, it can not be set precedent.

The new year brought with it new hopes for me tht this president would change his tone and attitude when it comes with dealing and handling situations. The way at which he's goes about things. In short, I hoped he would increase his diplomacy factor. I mean, he called himself the deal maker. (I will say) If Trump can make a deal with South and North Korea that would be great ! He just needs to get to the table to talk!

‘Diplomacy Factor’

Domestic scene affects international scene. The way we see the president right now is in a state of shock. They are scrambling around to face the special prosecutor as they are expected to prepare for an interview. (Which should not be limited in scope and also made public.)

They are struggling to find allies in their own party. And even to come up with a consensus strategy. Some are calling for the AG Jeff Sessions to leave, Trump may want that just so he can have his AG protect him from the Russian Probe. But that will leave a senate seat up for chance; and, that isn’t something the republican party wants.

The new year started like 2017 ended for the white house, trying to find out what to do to best solve the issue at hand. For them, the issue came from within. Within the book, “Fire and Fury”, where they’re some pretty juicy bits. Like Donald had a hand in writing the draft that was delivered after the firing of Comey. Also that he encouraged Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself from the Russian Investigation, after he; by law, had to of. Just a bunch of shit for the white house and its current residents to answer.

It’s just politics right

Thanks for reading today.

Evan Steinbrink

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