How the Rise of internet is affecting the Political incidents in current time

Since the 2008 presidential elections in USA, the effect of online news was evident on the results. And now in the beginning of 2018, this online news trend has grown to new extent. Even during the latest president election when Donald Trump got elected, the internet news played a massive role. Some of the famous political strategists also suggested that the internet news was one of the major reasons for which Donald Trump won. After the USA presidential election a new term ‘fake news’ also coined in the internet. In current scenario, the distribution of fake news is so frequent that it has become quite difficult to get the real latest political news analysis. That’s why it has become more important to follow a trustworthy news source online, in order to get the real news.

Since the advent of internet news, it has become easier for the end users to access real time political news. Satellite broadband and other internet sources provide access to websites and blogs. The new health care package of Donald Trump has created the news sensation in recent time due to the internet. There have been other weather disasters not only in USA but in the whole world that has taken the front page of the online news publication. One of the advantages of online news websites have over the traditional newspaper is the ability to provide real time news to the users. At the same time due to social media like Twitter, it has become normal for online news to get viral in very short time. On the contrary the traditional newspapers don’t have this privilege.

In light of these scenarios, the time has come to ask ourselves one question. Can the internet based news website and blogs be counted on as a legitimate source of political news?

The answer to this question is mostly affirmative. Although there are different shades of internet news that makes the issue more complex.

There is no doubt about the fact that the internet has definitely changed the ways in which we gather information in present age. We can not deny the fact that internet has enabled us to get free access to reputable news websites such as NYTimes, Reuters, HuffingtonPost and others with very little effort. Due to the free access it is possible to make information available to a larger community of individuals of different parts of the globe. For example the BBC could not be easily accessible in many parts of Asia, Africa etc. However the internet has made it possible to reach the news to every corner of the world.

Nevertheless, the online news also has its own shortcomings when it comes to considering it as a legitimate news source especially in case of political news. Even the most reputable websites today are driven by the influence of advertisers, exposing them towards the side of sensationalism rather than honest journalism. For example if you are looking for latest trump news today, it is possible to get many news publications which are not true at all. These news are regularly being distributed with the help of social media platforms and other channels.

So, what does this mean for the end users like us? For the people using the internet to access political news, it always provide great source of information on particular incidents. At the same time we also need to remember that while the internet can be an easy source of news today, it can also be abused by people with hidden agendas. Hence we should always verify the news before believing.

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