Hi Jack,

Hi Jack,

Thanks for your considered response. Great answer on the first point; I completely agree with you. My question wasn’t intended to suggest that meditating etc. and seeking enlightenment was the best course of action at this point. I think you have been following my articles, where my suggestion is that we should be seeking guidance from our Higher Selves as to how to be and operate in the world at the current moment. I suspect that that guidance would not be in most cases to seek enlightenment, rather to seek out the purpose for this particular incarnation. That is also why I’m a fan of the idea of Karma Yoga, serving the divine through action, which is something that everyone can do in their daily lives.

On the issue of Original Sin, you make some interesting points, but I think the issue goes deeper than that. At some point I’m going to write about this, so I would rather wait and see what your response to that is before commenting. I also look forward to your “full length exploration”.

A couple of points. The Julian Jaynes book is often spoken of favourably in books that I read. I haven’t read it, but I think I have digested his argument from these other sources. One of his ideas is that people used to believe in gods because they heard voices inside their head, which they mistook for gods, and he suggests that this is something to do with the left/right brain split, and therefore that we are dealing with an illusion. Have I got that right? To my mind he is trying to come up with a materialistic explanation for something deeper, psychologically/spiritually speaking, namely the voice of the Higher Self, or what the ancient Greeks called the daemon (which of course also isn’t a god).

I agree with you that the idea of sin has been misused in the ways you suggest. However, if we were to go back to the probably intended meaning of the biblical story, that might change our understanding. I’ll leave that question hanging in the air.

Best wishes

Graham Pemberton

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