Democratic Slavery: The Death of the Black Community!

My heart bleeds with deep sympathy for the “Democratic Slavery” so prevalent in the African American community today. I’m not even a fan of the expression “African American” because we are all Americans with the same red blood, the same type of species: “Humans”, and using the same green money to live our lives. And, although I’m black, I’ve never been to Africa. So, I consider myself simply an American. But for the sake of this Blog, I’m going to use titles to identify those in the black community who would rather be identified as separate from everybody else so that they can be given special consideration for the injustices that they feel they should be compensated for.

It’s my opinion that the biggest threat of the black culture and consciousness today is an inability to see beyond slavery and its injustices. According to the Oxford American Dictionary, resentment is defined as indignation or anger about having been treated unfairly. It’s a complicated emotion because it involves feeling humiliated, shamed and, ultimately, wanting revenge. In wanting revenge for injustices of the past associated with slavery, many black Americans have become so consumed with resentment that they maintain a high level of negative emotions which takes a toll on physical and mental health.

Democratic liberals stand on the front lines stoking the fires of that resentment by continuing the promotion of their sound bites that consistently marginalize the black community by labeling the classes as needing some kind of hand out as compensation rather than a hand up. It seems that the resentful person just can’t let go of this negative emotion and move on with life. The Democratic Party has crippled the black community by becoming its major enabler to the intoxicating addictive grip of resentment. From the so called important issues of African-Americans promoted by political action committees such as BlackPac to the last administration under Obama in which a war on our law enforcement was waged, resentment and revenge has blinded the minds of the masses within the black community!

Every Democratic official who runs for the presidency or any other political position always speaks upon some injustice of the past to win the black vote and instantly the fires of resentment are stoked! Thus, the common belief is that democrats always gets the black vote. And any black person who votes conservatively is labeled a traitor and reviled by the black community with racist remarks.

Consider the backlash received by some of the most current black figures who expressed their stand as conservative Republicans:

  • Allen West
  • Clarence Thomas
  • Michael Steele
  • Diamond and Silk
  • Tim Scott
  • Ben Carson
  • Mia Love
  • Omarosa Newman

Visit the social media pages of the above black Republican conservatives and you will be appalled at some of the racist remarks that were made on their social platforms by members of the black community.

Resentment is a process where we repetitively replay feelings of hurt and the events that led up to it. However, when we go through the event in our mind, we don’t just think of the facts, we also relive all the feelings associated with it. It affects us over and over again — physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

So why do some refuse to let go of the resentments of slavery or their resentment toward the race of people whom they associate slavery with? I have to answer that with my own opinion since I was also once caught up in this mad cycle myself. The answer is that we think in keeping this anger alive, we are protecting ourselves from getting hurt in the same way again.

So it becomes easier to hold on to our resentment, rather than forgiving. Most often members of the black community believe that their hurt is felt more deeply than the hurt of others, or that the wounds that past ancestors have experienced cannot be let go without punishment meted out to the offenders — even though we are talking about events of the past.

Democrats have repeatedly stoked the fires of resentment by campaigning on issues that divide this country and reawakens the fears and anger below the surface of resentment that many in the black community refuse to let go of. Self-proclaimed black leaders have come and gone to further aid and abed in promoting anger and race baiting tactics. When the fires of resentment are stoked many in the black community instantly become blind to common sense rationale and real facts.

Speaking of real facts; The Republican party began as a coalition of anti-slavery in 1854. The Democrats voted against the abolishment of slavery. At the heart of most of the damage done to the black community you will find evidence of a Democrat’s finger print. This is not secrete information hidden from the public. You can Google it or find it in the history books in libraries. Yet, eyes in the African-American community blinded by rage and resentment cannot comprehend or see these facts. Most of the effective Civil Rights Movements in black history were spear-headed by the Republican Party and objected by the Democratic Party.

Now we have a president, Donald Trump, who seeks to “Make this Country Great Again” and it’s not surprising that many in the black community are labeling our President as racist and choosing to remain stuck in the past resentments promoted by Democrats. It’s shameful to see so many in the black community caught up in the fervor of hate and resentment promoted by the Democrats who seek to keep this country divided and segregated with the narrative of racial disharmony.

This type of resentment may end up being the responsible for the death of the black community as we know it! Medical doctors and mental health practitioners believe that letting go of negative emotions is a way to heal both your mind and body. Medical experts are now able to associate many physical and mental health deformities suffered in the black community with the resentment we choose to carry in our lives. We need not look no further than the overwhelming health statistics within the black community to see how resentment has catered to lifestyle factors which has influenced both our physical and mental health.

Research studies have shown that insistently feeling resentful towards others can literally make us sick! It has not been determined an official diagnosis yet, but the term “Post Traumatic Embitterment Disorder” or PTED may be a new condition on the books of health care professionals. People who won’t or can’t seem to forgive may very well be diagnosed with this condition.

Because of the persistent bitterness or resentment that many in the black community hold onto when it comes to past racial issues, anger has grown and festered into what often becomes a blind rage. This means that even though some may have started out angry at a series of events from the past, the anger and resentment can grow strong enough over the years to a point of being directed not only at the crimes of slavery but also on the race of people who are associated with its practice.

It doesn’t even matter that it was white people who ended slavery; holding on to that anger and resentment for so long about racial injustices has changed how many in the black community view white people. Many are moved to a strong dislike that can even be construed as hate at the slightest encounter or mishap involving whites (Again, I despise the use of racial labels. My use is only for this article). It’s no surprise that we can often see various groups in the black community protesting and using hateful slogans that demonstrate their resentment. And in most cases, some don’t even know what they are protesting.

Now we have groups such as Black Lives Matter and Color of Change, to name a few, who further promote the theology of separatism which keeps this country divided. And the Democrats fuel the flames by supporting these groups. It’s time for the people of this country to wake up and realize that now is the time for an awakening from the blind ignorance associated with racial resentment. President Donald Trump has opened an opportunity for people of all back grounds to have a seat at the table of unity and work at making this country great again.

I’m no medical expert, but I’ve read several research articles which helped me to come to a common sense resolution to the answer of why some in the black community express dislike of all white people. I’m sure that this article will find a lot of objection but I promise you: “I won’t hold any resentment against any negative remarks I get.

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