Speech to the “Stand by Sulu SOU and Save the Legislative Assembly” event

Good evening. I am Jason Chao.

It is a pity that I cannot attend in person the event in support of legislator Sulu SOU. Still, I would like to express my concerns over the future of Macau through this video.

In the past few years, in the fight for social justice, democracy and human rights in Macau, Sulu SOU, Scott, colleagues at the New Macau Association and I have gone through rain and mud.
Sulu SOU’s seat means not only the fate of a rejuvenated New Macau Association but also a product of the collective wisdom of Macau voters.

While the government and its propaganda apparatus are demanding the citizens’ obedience to the law, reciprocally, we should demand the government’s submission to the law in its entirety, in particular, the protection of the citizens’ fundamental rights and the restraints on government powers.

Amongst the cases we have worked on, the Jinan donation scandal was just like a tip of an iceberg. For those who see Macau as their home, I hope that you will imagine a future for it and see yourselves as its master. I believe that there is no better way than taking matters into your own hands through liberal democracy and relentless civic participation.

I had been active in Macau politics before I left the city in late September 2017. In general, there is no compelling reason for me to discourage Macau residents from expecting the courts to deliver justice. However, based on my observations, in some sensitive cases, the judicial system of Macau has failed to show a consistency in its application of key legal principles.

No matter how high one’s confidence in the courts of Macau, judicial independence does not mean an absolute immunity from public scrutiny and criticism.

I hope this episode will serve as a reminder for the citizens of Macau that one’s civic responsibility is not confined to casting a ballot. What a mere group of enthusiasts in democracy and social justice can achieve is very limited, without the involvement of a wider public.

Regardless of the vote on 04 December or possibly a court ruling, those who have a dream for Macau shall carry on.

May justice prevail.

Thank you. Goodbye.

United Kingdom, 02 December 2017

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