Proto-Alt-Right Nick Griffin, Fmr BNP Leader, Discusses White Nationalism & Zionist Bribery

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Nick Griffin, former leader of the British National Party (BNP), discusses the bribery attempt of Zionist organizations to focus his political message solely on Muslims and avoid mentioning issues related to the Jewish-dominated banking system. This deflection of Jewish power is a standard tactic to own opponents & impose a controlled opposition strategy.

White Nationalists, who are historically targeted for extortion and bribery, have not had much success in or progress toward saving the white race since Hitler, who did nothing wrong. The German race is headstrong & Jew-wise, but unfortunately globohomo wars for Zionism aka World Wars I and II, were waged by mass mercenary tools of Anglo-Saxon Cuckdom under the direction of the Federal Reserve Banking system. Hitler did not stand a chance against a sanctimoniously and self-righteously indignant superset of English folk and their descendants under the sway of Scofield Bible superstition fighting for an imaginary oasis of New Jerusalem conceived or tangentially related to designs of the Babylonian Talmud.

English people, who are historically righteous yet misdirected and co-opted since their civil war by the Jewish-banker mass mercenary outfit of Oliver Cromwell’s Roundheads, have a morality system distinct from their German forebears and root ethnicity. It is said of the English,

“They are polite and if you are not polite in return they want to kill you.” — Anonymous

It is quite true the English are polite and industrious, but they are also naive. Germans have a meaner temperament but they are also not so credulous as to be led by Jews willingly, as in the British Civil War and so-called “Glorious Revolution” which enfranchised Jews and made England a de facto colony of Jewish bankers.

Martin Luther was a classic example of the wisdom of Germans around the Jewish Question (JQ). His article, “On the Jews and Their Lies” described in great detail about the slander Jews made of the German people and their customary Christian religion in their books and preaching in synagogues, which have been characterized in the Christian Bible as [the] “synagogue of Satan” — cf Rev 2:9, Rev 3:9.

Jesus Cleanses the Temple of (((Merchants)))

Despite a rich cultural history of examples (e.g., blood libel) of why anti-Semitism, or aversion to Jews and Judaism, is healthy for Europeans, the average white person -aka “normie”- is conditioned to reject self-determination in favor of diversity and inclusion because of Marxist programming in major media and the academic system. These institutions were taken over in a coup after the Federal Reserve Act gave Jews through a proxy set of families namely robber barons like Rothschild and Rockefeller, a monopoly on the banking industry which owns the media and places people (Jews) into positions of influence over culture like the American university system.

Brainwashed whites in America and the motherlands of Europe eschew nationalism for their own race while championing it for others due to a blinkered and myopic worldview rife with cognitive bias and dissonance.

Alt-Right Antidote to PC

The Alt-Right, or white nationalism 2.0, is the antidote to brainwashed groupthink. And we live in the land of Anglo Saxons with the proud and globally dominant military industrial complex (MIC). Thus, unlike Hitler, who had the understanding without power, our role is reversed. We have the power without a completely distributed understanding. Our Anglo people are still naive to the JQ and as such still need education and cultural framing.

This is why cultural outposts and media outlets like The Right Stuff (TRS) which hosts, among others: Daily Shoah, Fash the Nation, Strike and Mike, Paranormies, and Rebel Yell, plus the forums as well as other sites like Daily Stormer and still others like Occidental and American Renaissance as well as, are crucial in achieving a white awakening. The awareness of our condition and surroundings is necessary to save the white race from utter desolation creeping in perniciously, surreptitiously smuggled over the border and through the wombs of women birthing soldiers of opposition government.

FTN a Critical Alt-Right Podcast Media Property

Numerous examples of opposition government soldiers are those sent from foreign nations like Latin America / Mexico, Syria or anywhere in Middle East / North Africa (MENA) region to our shores as refugees who radicalize or with malice aforethought and purposely to infiltrate us.

Normies have formed a formidable voting bloc in previous elections with the normal distribution, hence Overton window (perspective on the political spectrum within a standard deviation of the median), moving further to the right. The reason normies are shifting to the Alt Right especially white male youths (and females!) is due to the underpinning of social media and sites like TRS, where people can listen, take part in discussions and immerse themselves in racial realism without judgment or fear of retribution.

One of the most important aspects of social media and alternative news for the white nationalist movement is the ability to reframe current events and discuss history from a revisionist (academically rigorous) perspective. Cases of hypocrisy abound which underscore why our current leadership paradigms are morally bankrupt and how our degraded institutions are based on naive fallacies. For instance, Mexicans fly their nationalist flag in our country while demanding we import their country and give them priority over ourselves with Civil Rights Affirmative Action welfare and a submissive attitude toward racism.

Traditional nationalism per se is a more or less uniquely European concept appropriated by others like Mexicans, a bastardized cosmic race of Spanish conquistadors and cannibal heathen Asiatics. It could be argued Mexican nationalism is merely flag nationalism with racism against whites. The nonwhites are, by and large, tribal and nomadic. Even Jews are itinerant merchants, having no land except that which is procured for them by naive Europeans with subsidies and protection through military industrial complex imperialism. Thus, we instinctively conceive of nationalism in a European-centric manner while living in a world whose geopolitical boundaries have been drawn by Europeans.

White nationalism is almost tautology because it alludes to and means Treaty-of-Westphalia-based sovereignty for each ethnicity (traditional nation-states). Of course all classical civilizations before Europe had nation-states as well, but they were bound more by language and reciprocal hatred as well as logistical difficulty of being interchangeable citizens than a true set of principles based on political and economic independence. In the cases such as Athens Greece and Rome, people of every race were considered part of the sprawling rootless cosmopolitan civilizations.

One of the few exceptions that have standed the test of time would be China, a nation-state with whom Europe has had a relationship in trade from its inception via Silk Road.

That being said, white nationalism isn’t something one should desire to involve oneself in especially without a broad base of sympathizers due to the fact that jealousy is one of life’s greatest evils and nobody wants to be left out. People stalk and kill for jealousy as we’ve seen for now 21 centuries Anno Domini while being chased throughout our civilizations & run down, having had our children abducted and wells poisoned by anti-Christ Zionists.

God put covetousness as the last proscription amongst the Decalogue, but it is actually first in significance interpersonally. Obeying God is not hard once you realize your world is not under your control. But quashing jealousy is no trivial matter esp for race-hating anti-whites.

Jon Edwards, a famous open air preacher who preached probably the most significant sermon post-Martin-Luther, discussed in detail how the Anti-Christ-Israelites aka Synagogue-of-Satan bearing the symbol of Remphan hijacking our lands & pimping our women/kids are waiting for hell. He said it best in the Max Mclean rendition of Jon Edwards’ sermon with RC Sproul introduction, Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God,

“Their foot… shall slip… in due time.”

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