Loss and Misery

What was it, our loss? We have been told all got lost. They lost it but blamed others . . . others are us.

We are not sure if it was a battle, a war, the vote, our homes, our minds. We are not sure.

Whatever it was that we lost?, it must have been important or valuable. Look at us now! No names we recognize are recognized. We are called by fruits.

Apple, berry, cantaloupe, durian … We don’t eat those, don’t know how to eat those …

A food?, earthquake?, tsunami? All got lost? Why take our names?

These people labeled on lapels say they want to help, give us clothes — strange clothes, we would never wear such clothes they are unsuited to here.

If we lost here?, where are we then?, do they know?, will they tell us, tell us in a way we can understand?

We have lost our belief in what was lost.

Without what we’ve lost we are nothing.

Is that the point? Was that the point? It seems we have lost the point of whatever it was to lose. If we lose more — well there is no more. We are not where we were, where we were did not look like where we are.

We are in misery …

How to judge our misery? Does it have meaning to compare one’s misery to anyone else’s? Is it fair? When it comes to misery does fair enter into the question at all? Our misery is general, we are all miserable.

How to decide which is more important our loss or the misery that we are in caused by our loss.

We are at a loss how to account for the state of ourselves. We did not wish this and wish you would just leave us.

Leave us, perhaps you could return what you’ve taken?

We would appreciate it.

We do not expect you to agree but, since you have generated our loss, our misery, feel there may still be an aspect of justice in your beliefs and you could then leave us, leave what you have taken for us to recover.

We know you have destroyed some of what was ours but if you leave — that would allow us to understand our loss and give focus to our journey to relieve our misery.

Perhaps, in the future, to relieve our loss.

Loss and Misery was originally published in Hopes and Dreams for Our Future on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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