Democrats: It’s Time for a Deal on DACA

Last week, top Democrats called for a government shutdown in order to pressure Republicans to come to the table on a DACA deal. The only problem with this strategy, other than the fact that using a shutdown to achieve political goals is unconscionable and would damage the country, is that Republicans, including Trump, are already offering a pretty reasonable deal. The Republicans want $18 billion for Trump’s border wall, an end to the visa lottery program, restrictions on family-based visas and an end to so-called “sanctuary cities.”

With the exception of the last demand, which would be an impermissible infringement on the rights of local municipalities to set their law enforcement priorities and would target people already living in the United States, there is nothing improper about the Republicans’ demands. This is simply immigration reform, albeit in a very different direction from what a Hillary Clinton presidency would have produced. But people voted for Donald Trump in large part due to a strong desire to reduce immigration to the United States.

While I personally believe the border wall is a stupid idea that will do nothing but waste money, we live in a democracy, and many other Americans disagree with me. Ending the visa lottery program and reducing family visas are reasonable, legal and fair ways to reduce immigration. To act as though some crime were being committed because a candidate wishes to fulfil his campaign promises is ridiculous and will only hurt the Democratic Party in the long run.

Donald Trump is busy trashing democratic norms, eroding the rule of law and threatening his political opponents. These are scary actions that endanger our way of life. But for once, he appears to want to actually govern and pass some policies that are not only constitutional, but supported by his voting base. For goodness sake, let’s not make the DREAMers wait another day in uncertainty just because we don’t want Trump to win.

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