What If Trump Really Is Crazy?

Let’s, for the sake of argument, suppose that our president Donald Trump IS actually crazy!

Now, as we all know by now, Trump is not your average, run of the mill President of the United States. He has his unique character that tends to annoy some and he seems to shoot from the hip before consulting with his advisors. He is not politically correct and does not sound like a professional president is supposed to sound like or at least, what we are accustomed to.

On top of that, Trump keeps saying and doing things that some people think is going too far or maybe even dangerous. He calls people names, has been at constant war with the news media and even bragged about the how big his nuclear button is.

So if that is the case, if our president is really crazy, what are we to do? Put him in a straight jacket and haul him off to the asylum?

You may recall that Trump was displaying all these supposed character flaws while he was running for office. The American voter saw what Trump was made of early on. They also saw that they had plenty of other choices of more polished professional politicians that were more experienced and were more likely to continue steering the country smoothly the way it’s been going for many years without causing some catastrophic incident.

But the American voter was aware that something was not right, at least the one out there in flyover country. The country might be sailing smoothly, but it has been sailing on catastrophic waters for some time now. The country had sailed very far away from the Great place it used to be. Somebody’s got to turn it around pronto! Take it back to Great!

So the American voter looked at the mixture of Republican candidates, some establishment, some conservative and a crazy one, and they placed their bet on the crazy one. Then they had to decide between a very corrupt establishment candidate that has been getting rich from taxpayer dollars and the crazy one.

So, whether Trump is really crazy, or that’s just his style, the American voter has knowingly made their choice and, like it or not, you can’t take that away from them!

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