Saturday Night Fright!

We’re picking up speed. The engine is starting to wheeze and sputter with pieces falling off but the thing is still accelerating toward oblivion. The signs of failure suggest this thing should be slowing down but it isn’t. It may be that gravity is a factor and we have simply tipped into the death dive. Time for a quick inventory to see if there is any hope.

Goals: Nope. There doesn’t appear to be any goal or even clearly articulated objective except to extract as much plunder as possible. The pitiful secret tax plan is confused but the corporation and financial muppets who sponsored it, it would appear although secrecy prevented any information on who was involved in its creation, are working hard to claim success. The usual suspects are receiving huge pay increases as it appears that there is no longer a reason to maintain the pretense of performance reward. That seems counter to the whole dogma of capitalist efficiency at any cost but who knows. The financial muppets have driven the S&P to unheard heights but they’ve done that so much people are starting to figure out it doesn’t mean anything,

Freedom: The desperately waved flag of freedumb so sacred to the minority that supports the Republican cult is still meaningless except as the usual suspects are free to exploit to their heart’s content. For the rest of it we can still talk about how bad this shit has become but the mainstream media are still struggling to pretend that things are still, mostly normal. People are really starting to ask why hasn’t anyone done something about the whacked out idiot in the White House who thinks he’s a genius. The dude keeps cycling between frightening and pitiful while the hard core Republican cult are trying to help each other shove their heads even farther up their assholes while more are trying to edge toward the door before their turn comes.

Morality: Hasn’t been seen in these parts for several decades. While most people have long taken morality as something that is tied to responsibility for the welfare of all and obligations to maintain our planet to support all life, the Republican Cult decided that was trite and the thing needed to be sold to the highest bidder. Joel Osteen bought it all but won’t let anyone into his massive church to get any without some serious exchange of legal tender. So much for that.

China: What?

Russia: No collusion! Except it seems that way too many people were there when the deals were done or at least talked about. Putin isn’t putting any out right now. And Mueller is going to crack Trump Jr. like an egg. Suddenly everyone is really anxious to see what that looks like.

Future: We better wait to see what happens this week. The end is near.

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