This post is part of a series of blog posts that should have been published all throughout last semester, but I’m only getting to know because life is tough.

A 1×3 is an exercise to quickly come up with ideas that address my problem area.

Idea 1: A new modern, conservative media network to compete with Fox News

  • Biggest opportunity to change the conversation on the right
  • Focused on “The 64%” of things we should agree on, but from a conservative perspective
  • The idea is to promote more conversation across the aisle
  • Not as clearly an interaction design thesis. More of an exercise in good content production.

END RESULT: Young (18–30), Disillusioned Conservatives who spend most time watching Fox News, but are not happy about the direction of the network begin to watch this other network. They still watch Fox News but are able to have a good discourse with democrats or people they don’t agree with.

Idea 2: An education platform/program for high school students to teach them to filter information better

  • Designed to be taught in schools
  • Focused on how to find media sources, how to have a conversation with people you disagree with.

END RESULT: A new generation of voters have a greater capacity to filter out bad information. They choose to opt out of particularly incendiary, polarizing info (Hannity, Fox & Friends, Maddow, etc.) and instead choose a “healthy diet” of information.

Idea 3: A platform for vetting info. Ex: I provide a link to a fox news video and I will tell you how it is sourced, differing opinions, etc. The artifact that gets created should be easily share-able

  • Should encourage skepticism and vetting all information, including the information you trust
  • We don’t say what is right and what is wrong, but we are a tool in the arsenal of vetting information.
  • Make it easy to get a cross-section of info on a particular topic

END RESULT: People are more conscious of the information they are being told. The platform makes it so easy to vet info so it encourages this behavior.

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