On Trump and the Paul Brothers

On Trump and the Paul Brothers

There is nothing more troubling than the political and social divisions that have marked our recent history. Humans are creatures who love social interactions, and to an almost sickening degree, themselves. This is especially troubling in this political climate, with our current president, who seems much more like a little kid than a world leader. I cannot help but see parallels from the behavior of our “president” to the behavior of two internet famous stars, Logan and Jake Paul. All three crave fame, all three are white, all three have adoring fan bases, and worse yet, all three seem to have the maturity of those much younger than they. It might seem a little strange to some, to compare a YouTuber to a world leader, as the scope of their influence is way smaller than someone who can push (an apparently big) nuclear launch button. Yet, they both show the problems with society, and how we have, as a society, raised monsters.

It is almost sickeningly easy to pass the Paul brother’s off as stupid millennials. As a young millennial (or am I generation z?), I too am disgusted by their behavior and the stereotypical “millennial”. However, it is unfair to blame this all on the generation on which they grew up, as it is clear to see that Trump can act just as juvenile. It is easier for society to blame one group of individuals as the root of all evil, and the root of our social media issues. However, I see this more as a larger, societal problem. Trump and the Paul brothers are proven social media abusers. From Logan Paul’s recent video posted of a suicide victim, to Jake Paul’s numerous scandals, to Trump’s tweets, social media how borne the brunt of blame of creating such monsters. Social media is something that I use, that my friends use, that almost everyone in the world uses. It can do amazing things, and it has done amazing things. However, with every great thing there is always, I repeat always, a caveat. Imagine a world in which Trump magically could not tweet, and the Paul brothers remained unknown. Feels good right? Well… Hate to break it to you, but even if all of the above happened, someone else would be infuriating you right now, causing you to spasm hate on twitter, and argue with your family on thanksgiving. There will always be stupid people, people who are racist, people who simply stand against everything you believe in. Yet, they hold no power over you unless you give them power. By ignoring Trump and the Paul brothers, you win. You don’t let them occupy your thoughts, steal your energy, and most of all, don’t give them the satisfaction they crave. Yes, I admit that this is hypocritical as I write this piece, however, I want it to be my New Year’s Resolution to stop getting so annoyed over stupid individuals. Doesn’t mean I won’t call out their behavior when I deem necessary, but I won’t spend hours reading articles about their stupidity when one would have sufficed. It is important to understand what is going on in the world, and to learn about another’s stupidity to realize what is wrong and what is right. For young children watching the Paul brother’s, the backlash on their wrongdoings can open their eyes to learn what is morally just. For young children looking at Trump, I hope they can see how NOT to run a country, and how being racist is morally wrong.

Now, to be a Debbie Downer, this is not what is happening for many a young person these days(being 18 and saying this will make many of you hate me, but to my teenage brain young person means those 14 and under). Look at the amount of subs the Paul brother’s have. Look at how Logan Paul’s subscriber count did not get affected whatsoever despite his disgusting video(he posted a video in which a dead body could be seen hanging), and how Jake Paul is literally idolized with young fans lining up outside his house. You might wonder how Trump could be factored into this, as I don’t know of any young kid wearing a I Love Trump shirt and buying his merch, but think about this for a second. The people who love him, freaking love him. His loyal backers can take his lies and eat it up like it’s the tastiest shit in the world. I imagine that many of them have young kids…impressionable kids…and kids can’t help but learn what their parent’s believe. Not to say that if your dad likes Trump, you automatically become a Trump supporter (my dad’s a staunch republican), it’s just that your ideals are often shaped by your parents at first, until you can go out and experience the world for yourself. These loyal fanbases show that something is deeply wrong with society. Afterall, we want to resist the truth. If the truth means that your fav is a racist bigot, or that you yourself are wrong, we want to vehemently deny this. We live in a society where the truth doesn’t matter, so long as you find others who believe, and if you band together hard enough, the outside cries of truth fall to deaf ears. Society has always been like this, it is just so soooo much easier to find people who believe the same truths as you due to social media. You could be countries apart and still be able to communicate your ideas to each other. The truth often does resist simplicity (a statement I personally love from John Green, or at least I think is by him). There are always two sides of an argument, and there are points to be made about why I am wrong, about why you are wrong, about why everything is wrong. All I want for 2018 is for more people to have open minds about change, and the ability to see things in a levelheaded way. Will this happen? Probably not, and even I cannot always be so open minded. However, if we truly want to become a harmonious society, we need to let others speak, listen to their sides, and walk a mile in their shoes.

If you still are depressed about humanities innate imperfections, worry not, one day the Sun will swallow us up. Focus on now, focus on your life, and the people who make it wonderful. Think about the positives of life, and if society can’t change for the better in 2018, at least try to make yourself a better person in 2018. Let’s make 2018 a great year.

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