It’s refreshing to get a thoughtful response, even from someone you disagree with.

It’s refreshing to get a thoughtful response, even from someone you disagree with. For that I thank you, but you are presenting a false choice, or rather false lack of choice. When you justify the continuance of unpopular government programs with the fact that some people derive some utility from them you are implying that there is no other way.

I’m not saying that charity should be outlawed in favor of a socialist state.

That’s a bit hyperbolic, I didn’t suggest anything like that. Charity is just one example of the different ways our society might offer solutions to problems. I’m only pointing out that your charge of hypocrisy levied against libertarians is unfair and therefore unhelpful.

Education is an undeniable public Good.

Just to be clear, Education is undeniably good and an educated public is beneficial to any society. However, to be a “public good” as defined in Economics it must suffer from being non-excludable and incongestible which may be true of knowledge, but certainly not “education.”

The benefits of an engaged and educated electorate are overwhelming, and without detraction.

Well I’ll detract right now. I don’t know if you suffer from naivety or are spouting blatant propaganda, but (with the exception of some PoliSci courses) there’s little in a university degree that informs the electorate. Talk to any “activist” undergrad for more than 30 seconds and you’ll discover that they have no idea what they’re talking about, don’t want to be “informed”, and their “positions” on the issues are derived purely from jingoistic loyalty to their respective team. Parenthood is a much better preparation for the voting booth. A university degree is good job preparation and knowledge certification; it does not however extend beyond that.

Social programs are evil. They make everything more expensive for everyone. Except, they don’t. The data proves it.

As a trained economist and business analyst I’ve seen the data. It proves the opposite. The one thing I can assure you is that government cannot produce more of anything without taking away something else -often as an unintended consequence.

Socialized medicine is routinely a fraction of the public cost it is here.

That’s absurdly untrue. There’s no such thing as free healthcare! It was paid for -through taxation. The only potential cost savings would be from replacing “for profit” insurance companies with a “non-profit” bureaucracy. I’d refute that assumption since bureaucracies are notoriously inefficient and non-innovating. But even if there were cost savings to be had, it may not be worth it to allow government to exercise control of your health care.

People have different experiences, but my own personal observations of the experiences of friends and family in government run socialized medicine was shocking and disgusting. Even our veterans receive better treatment. The worst horror stories out of the VA are mild compared to what is widely accepted in countries with “free” healthcare.

You make an allusion to the rising cost of our private education system here, conflate it with the meagre public assistance we offer, and conclude — with no basis in fact — that the correlation proves causation, while ignoring literally every other modern western nation on earth, which prove that theory to be nonsense.

Meagre? Again, I have personal experience with socialist education systems, both in a “modern western nation” and in Asia. I don’t think you appreciate how much freedom is lost and how much valuable education money is wasted in such systems. It is chiefly why so many foreigners flock to America’s meritocratic colleges despite the cost. They simply wouldn’t be allowed into university having been pigeon holed into a job training program. That’s not how we do things in America. I for one, am glad.

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