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Date : 1st January (earlier I used to blog at WordPress)

There are many social media platforms today for the citizens to make other citizens aware of the new innovations taking place, make citizens aware of some laws they proposes or any other thing that could be of help for someone else in the country or for simply themselves. These platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Orkut (earlier), Whatsapp etc. But there is a big loophole amongst all of them, and i.e. that these all need a lot of economic requirements, and majority of the people are not serious when they are in these platforms, and last and the most important loophole is that we cannot verify whether someone is supporting that innovation, complaint, reform etc. Now you would say that we can do that be tweeting with a hashtag or liking or disliking a particular Facebook post, but then people can make fake accounts and give as many likes or dislikes as they want. So if we make a platform for the citizens such that it is 100% verifiable and needs minimum economic requirements from the complainant and the person who is giving an opinion on it, then most of our problems can be solved. TransparentComplaint Filing Procedure(TCP)/ Citizens’ Voice/ “Jantaa Ki Awaaz” (as proposed by Right to Recall Group) is an alternative social media platform or a citizens’ newspaper which is a 3 line law DRAFT that can reduce poverty, corruption and most of the problems india is facing within few months or a year. It will give the citizens an opportunity to present their complaint, opinion, innovation etc. or whatever they want in the form of an affidavit, which will be visible to all the citizens through the PM/CM/Mayor’s etc. websites. And any citizen can register his/her’s opinion on it by registering a Yes/No, by giving a proof such as a Voter ID or National ID and his opinion will also be displayed on the PM/CM/Mayor’s etc. websites. To read more about this law visit

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