Trump’s Use Of The “C” Word Needs Investigating

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates

If there were a credible report that Trump fired an executive branch employee shortly after he called the staff member a nigger, we would demand an investigation. Today, most people understand that such degrading words and discrimination cannot be tolerated in the White House or anywhere else. Conservative writer Michael Wolff just reported that Trump called Sally Yates, the former Acting United States Attorney General, a cunt, shortly before Trump fired her. Wolff was given access to the White House by Trump. He reports that Trump described Yates as a cunt in a conversation with Steve Bannon. Wolff says that he has recordings of his conversations. That is a credible allegation. We cannot tolerate such a degrading gender-based attack on a high ranking official, just before she was fired, any more than we can tolerate degrading racial attacks.

The allegation that Trump called Yates a cunt resonates because he has a history of degrading women. He calls them fat. He calls them pigs. He calls them disgusting animals. He brags about grabbing them by the pussy. He rapes them. He sexually assaults them. It is easy to believe that Trump’s degrading treatment of women made its way into the decision to fire the highest ranking official in the Department of Justice.

If Trump called Yates a cunt shortly before firing her, then he violated Constitution of the United States. The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees all persons equal protection of the laws. Trump’s use of the word would show that he took Yates’ sex into account when he fired her, an act of illegal discrimination prohibited by the 14th Amendment. Other federal laws also prohibit sex discrimination against executive employees of the federal government. We need to demand an investigation by Congress. We need to demand an investigation by the Inspector General of the Department of Justice. We need to demand an investigation by the White House.

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