Trump’s Reelection Strategy: Sell Out

The general consensus in the United States regarding campaign finance is that ALL politicians are sold out to special interests in one way or another. We all know that when corporations (and the wealthiest among us) donate to an individual’s campaign, whether it be a Democrat, Republican, or Independent candidate; they make those contributions expecting something in return.

Without exception.

Even the most populist candidates will turn on their constituents at the prospect of collecting the proverbial “fat cash” offered up by corporate interest groups. They run on the “us-versus-the-machine” platform only to become a fresh cog in that same well oiled machine. They tell us what we want to hear only to ignore us as if we don’t exist once elected. Politicians make decisions not with the people they represent in mind, but based on whomever gives them the most money.

Politicians don’t even draft their own bills anymore. They are mostly drafted by corporate lobbyists who want to squeeze every possible dollar out of the government. Their sole focus is to create even more wealth for themselves regardless of who they take away from. Corporations are the true welfare babies and politicians act as their legal guardians.

I’m not saying that ALL politicians are the same. Nor am I suggesting that ALL political parties are the same. Far from it. But the few commonalities they do share are all centered around corporate dollars and corporate interests. We should always question bipartisan action in Washington because that usually means that ALL parties have received some campaign financing from those corporations who stand to benefit the most (i.e. military industrial complex).

Just last year we saw Democrats and Republicans come together to shoot down a bill that was designed to help lower prescription costs. Thanks to organizations such as Open Secrets we all learned exactly why our representatives would vote against the interest of the American people.

Money. Lots of it.

A Senate vote on prescription drug price legislation calls loyalties into question

The economy of politics has become a prosperous industry in and of itself. It’s a recession proof business. Incoming cash flow is endless despite how bad the situation may be for the rest of us. Have you ever heard of any politicians that suffered through the recession like most Americans? Of course not. Because the cash just keeps coming. Kind of makes you want to run for office doesn’t it?

The Sell Off

What Donald Trump and the GOP have done is nothing short of full on class war. Trump has never been a man of the people. He doesn’t have the slightest clue of what the average American endures on a daily basis. He’s never struggled to pay a bill, buy groceries, or make sure there’s enough gas in the car to get him through the week. He dog-whistled his way into the White House with lies and false hope. Plain and simple.

Trump’s approval ratings are so terrible that it would be hard to imagine him being elected to another term. Then again, it’s tough realizing how a man so detached from reality made it to the oval office in the first place. What I’m saying is, it could happen. Members of Congress have been doing it for years with sub 20% approval ratings.

How is that possible?


This new GOP Tax Plan does what they need it to do to ensure their reelection campaigns are successful. They caved to the corporate interests by giving even more tax breaks to the people who contribute the least. Never, in the history of the United States, has giving corporations and the nations wealthiest tax breaks, resulted in economic growth. Surely not enough to make a difference in closing the wealth/wage gap. It only makes things worse.

Trump and the GOP are buying their respective reelections with this new tax bill. They want to entice and invite the wealthiest Americans to support their agenda by offering them even more than what they already have at the expense of the poor. The middle class is all but dead in America and if the rich are getting tax breaks, they will be on the backs of the poor.

In a few years, when the perceived benefits for the middle class in this new tax law fade, the GOP will blame everybody under the sun but themselves as they come for our social programs like Medicare and Social Security. Leaving us with nothing but a cold and miserable life for our so-called golden years and they couldn’t care less. They’ll all be dead by then.

But hey, at least they keep getting reelected.

People Power

The only way we can beat them at this game is through our united voices. We still have lots power in our ability to vote. Local and State elections being the most important. We can continue on our path to becoming a better nation by getting these geezers out of the way. The old guard has to go. We need to get rid of them.

Whether it’s by participating and helping people get elected, helping others register to vote, or maybe even running for office we need to get this done. In America, complacency is our worst enemy. Silence is consent. It’s time to get loud and let our collective voices be heard and resist this extremist agenda.

We have the power. We need to use it.

Starting right now.

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