Mix Milk with Coffee

Nothing better than Brazilian coffee mixed with local-sourced dairy to ruin future offspring’s culinary tastes.

I’m waking up as I write these words in the morning. Overwhelmed with a feeling of incompetence, I step aside, left foot first into a world I never thought could be conceived or thought of. My real life.

Trucking down the neighborhood I hear whispers of a tweet going viral… Apparently some antifa wants us to kill white people. I walk up and salute the gang “Hey! What’s this new SJW thing?” one of ’em responds “The usual. Whites have no right to exist, they’re just a pawn for white genocide jokes.” I nod begrudgingly as I step away into a Starbucks, because I’m a normal person and I like the seeing people with Macs composing music for a soundtrack that has yet to be announced, the next NYT best seller in the making, or just mentally read what people were in for at a given moment.

Picked a table, ordered, then stayed there for a bit to browse Twitter. A proposal was made public: Bring us forth our ethnical polar opposites and we shall procreate to erase the white race.

The idea seemed simple at the time except that there was something unaccounted for. How broken would Carl of Agrabah be at losing sight of bright beige colors in his daily commute. He bought a beige car, beige fourniture, painted his house in beige. His overall obsession with that color made him an interesting person. As I look with despair after Trump prick-waving his nuclear arsenal at the DPRK, I start taking the consideration seriously; because why not? We are posed to end the white race. Make sure the plane crashes as it takes off, so why delay the inevitable where a nationwide orgy can occur right now causing an unusual spike in birth numbers the next year. It’s really simple; if you have a uterus, go find a dick, the opposite is true, and it should all occur between poc and white people.

I’m brown, and as I entertain a race’s demise in my mind, a white girl sits next to me and starts talking. I listen; as there was much I didn’t understand, we came to an agreement to make a baby tonight. So she left, and I continued scrolling through Twitter, mindlessly retweeting every picture or video of a cat I come across, losing a few followers in the process. But it’s honestly something I can’t resist. It’s the most furry I’ve been and will probably ever be.

I get out, my Uber is waiting for me. But in the opposite direction, is a camera crew interviewing a dapper Nazi with a Pepe pin with a black man on the other side of the road looking like they’re going to wreak some havoc. Surely enough, the kid runs fast enough to then jump, and clock said Nazi straight on the right jaw, knocking them cold. It’s like irony ascended from Hitler’s grave to atone for the sins of an unforgiving nation, allowing such ridicule to roam around freely outside. Of course, as I’m watching it happen, the driver inexplicably left, and I had to go back home the same way I came here; on foot.

The fridge is decked with ice cream, I reach in and make a little bowl for myself as I binge Punisher. Eating isn’t exactly healthy when blood is splashed around gratuitously but I had consumed so much gore that it didn’t matter then. The blonde, blue-eyed, white, Aryan girl knocks, I open the door, turn off the TV then she starts teasing me; a bottle of whiskey was open on the kitchen counter so I grab it, pour for me and the lady, and as we reveal to each other our deepest secrets, she lets me know that she was assigned female at birth but never felt the experience was authentic to how they conducted their life at all. So I stare lovingly, then tug them in with all of my force. Hugging with passion I had never put into anything ever in my life, they then say “Fuck it, let’s make a baby.” so clothes fly off like furniture in a Tom & Jerry cartoon and off we go.

A little foreplay was to be expected as we didn’t hate ourselves enough to fuck, devoid of emotion. We’re together in bed, loosely sharing a blanket, and I starts kissing their lips, they put their hands on the back on my neck and indulge. I slide my mouth through their neck right to the left nipple and starts sucking, they exhale loudly and heavily, I reciprocate the feeling by letting them caress my dong; I moan a bit. After a heavy round of kissing, cuddling, touching each other’s sensitive parts and genitalia, they say “Fuck it, shove it in”. I had at that point and maintained throughout most of the intercourse, so I slide it in, starts thrusting back and forth while I continuously kiss them as I’m helping myself with a piece of their behind. I abruptly choke, then let out a scream as a stream of a white, hot, slimy, fluid runs inside. We both then disengage, and sit back down, chest up, looking at my shoddily painted ceiling, and busting a laugh at the irony of it all.

Almost nine months come to pass, we reconnect and see that the baby is born healthy, but then we both thought that neither of us could take care of them. So we decided to offer it to a couple of black lesbian trans women. We were proud of we had achieved at that point. It was the mother of all genocides. White genocide.

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